Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Monday, May 22, 2017

North Korea, It was reported as a little border skirmish by the New York Times and CNN and the U.S. public barely noticed but the White House alarm bells were sounded. One private killed another with a high powered rifle, many said it was an accident. One twenty three old American Marine was killed. It would start in North Korea, God help us all.

 FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Ledger Washington D.C., wasn't about forgetting the leaks from the Whitehouse no matter what Jim Comey told him. 
Now that the Director of the FBI was at home, counting his money, most likely writing another Washington D.C. insider book he still had the courage to call Andrew direct on his cell phone.
"It's not that I want you to forget Andy, I want you to not remember everything!."
Andy got the message loud and clear.  Andy Ledger and about a dozen other guys would be called before Congress to testify about the FBI Russian Investigation concerning President Donald Trump.
Comey was mobilizing his troops even though he was sitting at home getting ready for his grand stage act in front of Congress.
FBI Special Agent Andy Ledger was one of the very first to push back against his boss and the FBI and told them in person, and then in writing, the only thing they could find on President Trump was a building he sold to some over paid Russian.
Andy was at home today and the smell of machine oil made him smile and forget at the same time.  He felt the little drops of oil in his hair as the machine lathe finished off the barrel extension to his now improved AR-15 rifle.
Andy's refrigerator was getting low on beer and his pretty automobile sat in the garage with a full tank of gas.  He planned on driving to the coast on his day off but Sally was too devoted to her White House job, she had to work.
Sally Ledger was crowded into the White House West Wing and she was continually working too many hours and just about seven days a week.  Around the White House she had the job title of "Flock Manager" because she was in charge of counting very expensive military weapons such as tanks, missiles, airplanes, bullets, battle ships and even aircraft carriers as the White House link with the Department of Defense.
Sally Ledger's Naval Carrier and her Harvard Law degree got her the job and she was issuing another detailed monthly report with a one page summary that went to the President's Chief of Staff and then on to President Donald Trump.
With all the activity around North Korea, Iran, Syria and other hot spots the counting of submarines and tomahawks became very important almost overnight.
Sally Ledger is the person in the West Wing that let the White House staff know that Barack Obama had not keep military weapon inventory needs to the required levels. 
If there was a shooting war with North Korea we better hit every target because the next round would be very short as President Trump was pushing the military to be ready for anything in North Korea, Syria, Iran and other places.
President Trump knew that North Korea or Iran would pop up very soon and exploit all the noise about the Russian Investigation.  The president wanted the capability of hitting North Korea, Iran and stressing Syria at the exact same time.  It would be a bluff as the Pentagon boys told him he would have to wait, maybe two or three years.
Military Contractors had been given the green light to build, and build now and the price didn't matter much.  President Trump told the contractors to reduce the price of fighters but up the price on missiles.  They would get their money, Trump would get the headlines and if everybody hurried the military would get the thousands of missiles required without Congress busting his ass.
The main stream media bastards had discovered the hidden slush fund inside the Pentagon but Trump planned to blame that on radical Barack Obama.
North Korea was firing off missiles like Roman Candles so the Navy and Air Force had their hands full while Russian fighters were zooming all over U.S. spy jets.
Muslim Islamic Radicals were popping up around the world and the DHS told President Trump, build the wall right now to protect the border or put the U.S. Army in charge.
President Trump was getting good headlines concerning removing MS13 gang members, slowing the drug imports, trying to fix the socialized Obamacare but the truth be known the billionaire president couldn't simply fire North Korea, Iran, Syria or Russia, but the military could fire at them.
Sally Ledger knew that President Trump wanted somebody - anybody to take the first shot so he could take direct and immediate action.  The White House Mad Dog Secretary of Defense went public and told the world if we went to war with North Korea it would be bloody.
The Democrats were going crazy with Trump in the White House and even Hillary Clinton was in public again, always talking about the Russian hack job to help Trump take the White House.
Radical Barack Obama had truly trained the American Economy and everything it held and Trump was against the wall.  Not enough of anything was his starting point and with Trump in the White House even the Republican Congress were always hedging their bets, worried already about the next mid-term elections.
England was walking away from the European Union, Russia was probing with their military around the world, North Korea was hell bent on missile delivery of nuclear weapons, Assad of Syria was gassing children and women, and Islamic radicals were strapping on bombs and blowing up people everywhere. 
President Trump made the deal, only China had enough men and weapons that he needed. A deal was made.  A verbal deal was made.
Chinese troops were already in Syria, not to help the Russians, but to keep their word with President Trump, and over 100,000 more Chinese troops were ready to move on the word of the President of the United States. The troops were staged inside China and could be deployed within 36 hours.  A moment's notice in military time.
Only a hand full of people inside the national government of the United States know about the thirty thousand Chinese troops inside and based in Alaska.
Another five thousand Chinese Troops were in Cuba.
Eight thousand three hundred Chinese Troops in Mexico.
Over seventy thousand Chinese Troops now on the border with North Korea.
Almost sixty thousand moved to the Russian border with China.
The American people had no idea that the 100 billion dollar deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia meant that the war weapons already at sea could now be delivered.
Israel has never stopped receiving the best weapon systems from America but now the quantity doubled every three months.
America was at war.
Only thing left, somebody, anybody had to start it.
It was reported as a little border skirmish by the New York Times and CNN and the U.S. public barely noticed but the White House alarm bells were sounded. One private killed another with a high powered rifle, many said it was an accident.
One twenty three old American Marine was killed.
It would start in North Korea, God help us all.

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