Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Kathy Griffin, you're not listening, - As people die all over the world by Islamic Radicals, beheading soldiers, you thought it would just be cool to do the same for Donald Trump, our elected President.

Kathy Griffin, you're not listening, therefore you cannot learn the lesson.  I'm a big fan of yours, but that was before you embarrassed the entire nation by your stunt looking for press.  There was no real statement offered by you, and if there was a statement, you should be ashamed, maybe for the first time in your life.  Your press conference concerning the beheaded President Trump just makes everything worse.  

The Trump family has not ruined you, your just trying to survive now and clawing at anything except the truth.  The controversy, is the Kathy Griffin controversy when you decided to be ignorant and let people tape you and then distribute your obscene beheaded President Donald Trump.  You can make fun of our president but you went way to far, that line you crossed was into the area of disgrace.  

Your actions were never meant to be funny it was meant to be mean and it was.  

As people die all over the world by Islamic Radicals, beheading soldiers, you thought it would just be cool to do the same for Donald Trump, our elected President.  

Your attorney is a good one but her client is the joke and disgraced the entire United States around the world.  The enemy that wants to kill us, including Christians and LGBT persons got a big boost from you Kathy Griffin and believe me they watch and learn how to kill us.  The male artist excuse is as stupid as your stunt. You will not have a career after this because your attorney cannot force people to pay money to see you.  

Donald Trump didn't break you, your actions make it very clear, you were broken before so don't hide behind the comic excuse.  America is tired Kathy.  

The world is more dangerous.  

Your actions make it worse.  

You have entangled yourself, don't blame others.

Career Suicide is not funny.

Stop Hurting Yourself and others.

Accept full responsibility.

Stop spewing .. 

Imagine Barron Trump Kathy watching that stunt on T.V.  CNN had to fire you, and they should have fired you.  

Your entertainment venues had to void the contracts because surely you would now cause riots in the street, harming more and more people.  

You stood up Kathy and then you jumped off the cliff, down to the rocks below and now you're looking up, wanting a helping hand.  So what do you do Kathy, you hire an attorney, what a shame, some joke on the country you played, some adult reflection is required.  

I'm not mad at you, I'm a fan and have been for years, but I'll never watch or support you again, and it had nothing to do with Donald Trump Kathy Griffin, you harmed the country for fame and fortune.  That's a radical and you should be ashamed. Don't ever talk about America again Kathy, you don't deserve the benefits of all the brave men and women around the world protecting your antics.


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