Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

She tied the rope around his neck, Takiyah Thompson - Editorially The New York Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC refused to include the lawlessness of the Alt- Left, the Liberal Socialist Wing of the Radical Left Democratic Party. Radical Negro - Lawlessness - Takiyah Thompson Arrested -

Takiyah Thompson - The Radical Alt Left has a Face Now so The New York Times and CNN can create a narrative about Takiyah Thompson - Workers World Party Socialist Negro Radical -

Takiyah Thompson, she just had to take down the statue, Takiyah another proud member of radical socialists Workers World Party and government sponsored welfare student at N.C. Central University was arrested after activists held a press conference at NC Central University Tuesday afternoon, August 15, 2017, so it seems.
In a local press release Socialilst Takiyah Thompson said she was the one who tied a rope around the soldier’s neck so that others could pull the statue to the ground.
That was good work Takiyah, you should remember that your history can also be erased, its not that difficult. It's the delete button.

He put on his black handkerchief over his face and backed away from the truck of his car with a baseball bat in his hand, his eyes boring down the street, where he would cut loose on those white bastards waving the flags.

Dramatically he took his first step away from his car and joined the others that decided to take actions, they didn't need a permit in Charlottesville Virginia, they were too many of them to stop so they formed their mob one block away.

He understood that he would spend time in county jail but that Confederate Statue would come down today even if it took cold blooded murder.
How many of the bastards were spectators, there was no way to know and how many would fight, he would soon find out.

Above his black handkerchief he was sweating but he held his baseball bat and looked at his victims. The plan was to cut loose and charge the white bastards, those Nazi bastards that wanted the Confederate statue to stay in place, the white supremacists only thought they were ready.

Law and order would be hopeless today, those smooth roads would add the surprise and there would be a carload of victims.

They were masked and ready. The false lure of the Confederate Statue brought the people together, both sides, locked and loaded.

Officials were hiding in their offices, watching on T.V., the police were leaning against their cars, no riot gear meaning the police under-estimated the current events. Across the street there were people selling t-shirts and even Confederate rebel battle flags.

The masked men with baseball bats and clubs broke into groups that had been decided the night before. The men most feared took up their leadership positions, stripped of any morals years ago they were ready to fight, for any reason.

The halo of bravery about and above the Nazi bastards was like some fictional old movie. Confederate Rebel battle flags, Nazi flags and lots of yelling, some screaming.

The alternate left and their baseball bats and clubs according to their planning moved forward and history would repeat itself.

The police were not ready for reality, the political leaders worried but not too much, but the White bastards were ready because the epidemic of crime and violence was found on the Alt-Left and the Alt-Right.

They would have their civil war today and both sides steadied their nerves with alcohol and drugs. A few of the cops were enjoying a quiet smoke as the first two men with bats extended their own invitation to the street party.

Like some weird social game, the boys with the bats, yelled first and then started swinging their bats. The Nazi bastards solicited more fighting by fighting back. The invitation to fight was accepted by both sides, the cops flatfooted like gamblers waiting for the dealer to cut the cards.

The first victim now bleeding.

Strangers moving back.

A brand new sound, very loud, it was a police siren.

You could now hear the fire bell.

The Confederate Rebel flag was now burning.

The game was on and like a fighters bell would start a professional ring heavy weight fight, the crowd went wild.

Just like a poker game, the stakes were raised, over and over.

The Alt Left would pull back, wanting a new deal.

The Alt Right would charge and raise the stakes again.

Police detectives were on their radios and the cops started to slide around without direction just like being shuffled around in a deck of violence.

The game was on and also all the cameras.
Strangers departing in good faith, leaving.
Victims now on the ground, bleeding, being pulled away to safety by friends confessing that they were hurt.
There would be no insurance today, everybody was on their own, fist fights and bat swings but no arresting by the police.
The police had no experience for this, the chief with stars on his uniform won them by catching pickpockets and apparel thieves down at the Wal-Mart. He could feel himself losing the battle under his necktie as his tee-shirt was wet with sweat.

The county authorities were there, they looked like trespassers as they stayed away from the violence, getting worse by the minute. Public safety would be a topic of the local and regional newspapers tomorrow but today it would be murder.

At first they thought it was a careless driver. You could hear the railroad whistle sounding, like everything was normal, it took a while to notice the car driver was a lot more than careless.

The police, more like a group of cheap watchmen, stayed clear of the direct violence but at some point they gathered their mental data and also noticed the car hitting another car at high speed.
A motorist accident of all things, that's all they needed.

The mob was in full violence now, but virtually within seconds the hand to hand combat started to end, the careless driver was a killer, he was murdering people, a average citizen had already been murdered so the guilt is now certain, this was not a protest any longer.

The people with a ordinary education started to rush away, the murdering driver was running over people, everybody watched, even the Alt-Left mobsters and the Alt-Right gangs paused in horror, it was very real now.

The mob characteristics started to show, they started to save themselves, only innocent people stayed and tried to help the injured.

The Alt-Right White Supremacist gang, the one with the legal permit to protest and march, stopped in their tracks.

The Alt-Left radicals, their mob spirit leaving them started to walk backwards, away from the mass violence, away from the people lying on the pavement, away from the lady dead on the street.

Some noticed the churches in the area, even the city park not far away and wondered how the raging savages of the Left and Right were allowed to battle on the streets.

Intelligence alone could not answer their questions, not today.
Like some prisoner, the statue in the center, the mobs charged back and forth, hiding their faces, hurling their bats and fists and pouring all their strength into every blow.

You could smell the gasoline.

A match was tossed and the flags were burning and the people were bleeding and some were now dying on the streets.

The police held back, it had to be some order from the chief, they remained in safekeeping, that was political.

Victims howling with pain and the little fires of flags on the pavement the cops moved in to help the injured.

The people had sought some kind of protection, they didn't get it and the politicians started explaining like some high pressure fire hydrant of bull shit.
The lady was dead.

President Trump made his first statement.

The main stream media - the old boys of the New York Times were banging on their computers.

Hundreds if not thousands of people paraded through the streets, the cops were pretending they were in control now, the embers not cooling, tempers hot, and still not content, the Main Stream Media blamed everything on those white Nazi bastards and the other side, the Alt Left, were victims of slavery, like children, they needed help.

CNN and the New York Times soaked the entire story in Kerosene and lit the match. All of a sudden it was President Trumps fault. What the president said was not enough.

Editorially The New York Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC refused to include the lawlessness of the Alt- Left, the Liberal Socialist Wing of the Radical Left Democratic Party.

The exhibition of lawlessness of the left would not be considered, at least not in the fake news media, but the people watched the reporting, they didn't need all the biased words.

Evidence showed two distinct primitive and fiendish groups fighting, both left and right.
What is the explanation?

It has nothing to do with a statue.

The creatures, the alt-left and alt-right are barbarous demons that defies explanation in a land of law and order.

It was a violent and deadly spectacle in a little town.

You don't have to believe in devils to understand that because of the lack of law and order, any small statue can result in your town burning down to the ground.

Primitive men want violence on both sides, that's what President Trump told the world during his appearance in front of Trump Tower. It took both sides, the extreme left and the extreme right, no matter what the biased and corrupt media may report.

The media has a fiendish power over the people, so take a minute and research your own truth.

President Trump has confessed, he can never please the main stream media like CNN and The New York Times or the Washington Post, they will always attack him, but remember they also attack you, your entire family is at risk, beating out the brains of another protester, or murdering an innocent women with a car is the same as lynching or other depraved crimes.

The Alt-Left and the Alt-Right have no feeling of guilt or true remorse and the excesses of a mob cannot be truly explained.

The United States has a heritage, and that does include slavery and all those statues, buildings and street names but the savages on the left and right demands destruction, not understanding.

It's unbelievable that the New York Times, The Washington Post or CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and countless others are not even curious about the entire truth to tell the story.

There was no moral crusade, maybe by a tiny few, it was mob violence from the far left and far right.

Before your dragged around some more by the fake news, consider seeking the truth, about yesterday and today.

This was a significant incident and a warning to honest citizens.

If you don't protect the history, it will be repeated.

I hear no battering down of jail doors.

If you listen closely, you can sense the silent prayers.

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