Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Monday, August 29, 2016

"Stop looking at my crotch." Anthony Weiner's Dick get's in the way of Hillary Clinton again; Huma Abedin's trouble mount with the FBI and the Dick's

Anthony Weiner's Dick get's in the way of Hillary Clinton again; Former nuet job Congressman and New York City mayoral progressive socialist race baiting candidate Anthony Weiner sent explicit nude dick photos to a woman multiple times over the past 19 months, according to a New York Post report published late Sunday. 

Internet Sex Anthony Weiner
Huma Abedin Muslim Warrior
seeks advice from Hillary Clinton
How To Handle the Dick

Little Johnson - Weiner, who is married to Hillary Clinton's top aide, Muslim Brotherhood and American hating Huma Abedin, (Muslim Bitch) also admitted to sexually fantasizing and masturbating about the unidentified woman, calling her "literally a fantasy chick," according to the report.  You can assume that Huma doesn't have sex with Anthony as he doesn't have time...?
At least one of the photos Weiner sent the woman showed his underwear-clad crotch as his son Jordan slept next to him in bed which some feel that child abuse is at hand?  What do you think about little johnson Anthony Weiner..?
When contacted by the Post, Weiner admitted he and the woman "have been friends for some time," but added that their conversations were "private ... and were always appropriate." and you can be sure that Huma could care less... and that after the elections she'll move back to Saudi Arabia to make political bombs without Anthony...
Weiner, 51, (what a name) added that he had never met the woman, despite repeatedly inviting her to visit him in New York.  The girl has everything she needs... somebody at the Clinton Foundation will be writing her a check.. or a bag of cash from Saudi Arabia to keep her panties pulled up and the photographs secret...
Little Weiner spent 12 years in the House of Representatives before resigning in June 2011 after posting an explicit image of himself (his dick)  on his Twitter account. At the time, he admitted that he had "exchanged messages and photos of an explicit sexual nature with about six women over the last three years."
With Abedin's public support backed up by the Clinton Name, Weiner entered the New York City mayoral race in 2013 and got his ass kicked and that stupid smile wiped off his face.. people have a mental image about Carlos Danger Anthony Weiner now..but... However, his campaign collapsed when a second woman, Sydney Leathers, came forward to claim Weiner had sent her more explicit photos while using the alias "Carlos Danger." Weiner finished fifth in the Democratic primary with just five percent of the vote which ain't a bad showing for a internet creep with his dick in his hand, some may say. 
The woman, who described herself to the Post as a supporter of Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association, has two adult children and lives with a boyfriend who routinely travels for work....
The Post reported Sunday that Weiner was concerned that he had repeated his 2011 mistake and posted the photo of his son publicly which makes him unfit.. You can be sure that Huma is pissed off... 
"You do realize you can see you [sic] Weiner in that pic??" the woman messaged.
"Ooooooh ... I was scared. For half a second I thought I posted something," Weiner responded. "Stop looking at my crotch."
"Whatever. You did it on purpose," she replied, adding, "O [sic] I see you thought you posted on your TL [public timeline] not DM [direct messages]. S–t happens be careful."
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