Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

New England Shirt Company Jerked Off by Hillary - Sad Story - The jobs are in Mexico Bitch - Hillary Clinton and The Clinton NAFTA agreement - Tiny Shirt Maker - TV Commercial Hillary Clinton - Bill Clinton's Dick and NAFTA just about killed America

American Shirt Factory, tiny part of story.  Hillary Clinton brought out her advertisement bragging about an American Shirt Factory - employing 60 people but failed to mention IPhone would employees over two million communist slave workers making and distributing the IPhone across the world.  Hillary Clinton is trying to convince people that Donald Trump has products made overseas while at the same time Barack Obama sends hundreds of millions of dollars to Communist Russia for rocket engines on behalf of NASA.  The Clinton ad is another scam.  Millions of workers once worked in the clothing industry but it's gone and you can thank the Clinton's.  Now the ass wipes want the same bad deal across the globe, killing America.  The New England Shirt Company better take a lot more pictures, it was their first and last 15 minutes of fame if Hillary Clinton is elected, with open borders, foreign factories moving to America. TPP

As Clinton played with his johnson with monica,
Islamic Jihadist attacked America, the first World Trade Center Attack,
he promoted and advanced NAFTA.. millions of jobs lost...

Hillary Clinton voters, really short on history, lacking common sense and biting at Clinton bait fail to realize that Donald Trump is not against foreign trade and other commerce but it must be fair and equitable.  General Motors might sell 800 Chevy's in Japan while the little Japs pump millions of car into America.  Hillary Clinton believes in bribes, influence peddling, open borders, cheap labor and big unions.  The tiny shit marker has 60 boys and girls making a few hundred dozen shirts a week when the industry, in the past, employed millions of American workers.  

The jobs are in Mexico Bitch

Once the corrupt Clinton Administration passed NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement those millions of jobs left America to be replaced by slave labor in other countries like Japan, China, Vietnam and Mexico to name a few.  So, the tiny shirt factory is just another b.s. prop for Clinton when the reality is that the Clinton Administration destroyed American jobs by the tens of millions and closed over 50,000 U.S. factories.  


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