Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Black Lives Matter or do they? Amazing Historical Facts - Emancipation Proclamation Black History Abraham Lincoln 13th Amendment Constitution Slavery Slave Modern Day DNC Political Power Theft - Black American Negro Slave History Obama Clinton Schumer Trump

HISTORY, a very interesting note here concerning the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; Concerning Slavery.
Once and for all, Abraham Lincoln started the process in the United States to end slavery but it was only a war time executive order, never truly the voice of all the people.

Only an honest amendment to the U.S. Constitution could help heal the wounds of the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln declared, that the 13th amendment had been desperately needed.

Another terrible disturbance - another bloody civil war - would never tear the country apart over the issue of slavery.

President Lincoln was very unsure, but then very proud of his war time Slavery Emancipation Proclamation, over two years old at that point, but he also knew it only freed the slaves inside the rebel states and not the entire country, there was more work needed.

The land of Lincoln's birth; Kentucky, slavery still existed, protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Lincoln talked about the 13th amendment, but did not live long enough to see it through as a real amendment, by the people of all the states.

By the time the state of Georgia ratified the 13th amendment, in December 1865, making it law of all the land, Lincoln had been dead for eight months.

Here's the shocker in History that I discovered,
Did not ratify the 13th amendment, until 1976, yes 1976 it's not a typo. Amazing.

The adopted home state of wartime Confederate Jefferson Davis, did not approve until 1995, yes 1995, not a typo.

The official end of slavery, by all the states, took until 1995.
I've also learned that 97% of the U.S. population knows nothing of these real life facts.

Maybe we should all wonder just a little bit today without political outrage that roams America today.

Do Black Lives Matter?

Do Black Lives Matter to White People?

We might agree that there is a White Privilege, even though it has become a political tool for political power.

In our country today, we are divided.

In our country today, we should learn our history.

I was shocked to learn these real life facts.

I saw a little black baby today and was talking to the little boys grandmother and great grandmother.

The little boy filled them with pride as he was a perfect little baby, sound asleep, well taken care of, the obvious pride of the two ladies I enjoyed meeting today.

Children are the only honest people on earth,
we can learn from them.

They don't care about black or white.

They just want a chance at a good life, a good home, a great education and a loving family. Just like my family.

That little black boy could be the best of friends with my little white grand daughter if we don't ruin them first.

Something to think about.

We're all the same.

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