Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Flush With Cash - The F.B.I. hires Best Buy Geek Squad to Spy on Americans - No Warrants - F.B.I. Comey DOJ Lynch Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Chuck Schumer FBI Domestic Spying

Flush with cash, Patty Stoner stood about thirty feet away from the limestone steps that led to the well known front door of the Lodge Inn and Motel in Georgetown District of Columbia. 

Patty was pleased that the cold fall rain had stopped but she was not very thrilled about Sam being late for their meeting.

Patty was told to meet Sam at the Lodge at 9:15 a.m. Saturday morning and it was already 9:52 a.m. but maybe the rain had choked up the expressway which made everything normal.

The F.B.I. had been paying the Best Buy Geeks for years and Sam was the cash only computer Nerd that always got paid upfront for helping out the U.S. Government machine in Washington D.C.  Patty had always been sure that Best Buy Management had no idea, but who would really know, the cash kept flowing.

Patty only knew how to turn on a computer but Sam knew everything about everything and this was just another meeting of many.  Sam had spent many years with Best Buy, that retailer that promised the best buy even when it wasn't true.  He had left many years ago and he had a lot of Geek friends, some still at the so-called company.

He was a top guy there and trained their now famous Geek Squad guys driving around in Volkswagens saving old people from computer viruses or installing their imported theater sized big screen T.V.'s.  Patty still had her 19 inch flat screen and never seemed to have the time to go shopping, not even at Best Buy or Amazon.

Sam was paid in cash by the F.B.I. to kind of look around inside everybody's computer when it needed some repairs.  The F.B.I. thought that they could take a peek without a warrant. 

Sam lived outside of Georgetown which is only a mile from the Capitol in Washington D.C. so his private computer repair company matched up with his D.O.D. clearance brought him a lot of government business.

Patty Stoner, the F.B.I. agent assigned to pay the little computer helper called Sam knew that he was paying Best Buy Store Computer Geeks to search for files on every computer they touched in the field.  

When a Congressman or Senator had a home computer problem the Georgetown Mainframe Company owned by Sam was on top of the call list.

Patty stood there with her Nordstrom shopping back that didn't contain any Trump merchandise but it did hold fifty thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills.

  Patty looked across the street and saw her partner F.B.I. Special Agent Andy Ledger watch her as she noticed a few drops of rain pepper her cash filled plastic shopping bag.

Andy Ledger watched Patty like a little sister but always appreciated that the little F.B.I. agent had the best legs in Georgetown that distracted most men from noticing her 9 millimeter pistol and badge dangling from her right hip. 

Patty glanced at Andy and he acknowledge her by sitting his paper coffee cup on the dashboard of his federal car.  That was Andy's signal for Patty to walk around the corner and he would circle around and pick her up without being noticed.

Patty walked to the end of the block and made a left, it was now raining as Andy pulled out and made the block but was held up at the red light before he would make another left.

Patty never showed up.


Fictionalized News Made Famous by CNN and the New York Times,
Fake News


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