Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Who is the Black Silk Bandit -

Hillary Clinton backed away from her pony as she had ridden all night with Barack Obama commonly known in Washington D.C. as the "Black Silk Bandit".  Hillary and Barack rode hard during the winter night with each free hand on the guns they holstered.

Hillary insisted that they ride their ponies through the forest trails and not ride the picturesque train from Washington D.C. to New York City.  Hillary knew very well that the "Trump" Gang would cut loose with a volley of bullets if they ever got caught.

Hillary and Barack were changing the political game in America kind of like train robbers changes the passengers schedule. 

Both Barack and Hillary had tossed their Wells Fargo pouch of gold across their own saddle bow, cut loose after dark and had been riding for days with little rest, food or water, but they had galloped through streams and crossed the ice cold rivers, they could now see New York City.

It wouldn't be fruitless riding as they were going to deliver the gold before the next edition of the New York City Prairie Trails Newspaper.

The Clinton and Obama struggle seemed to be the true life hopeless ending of two crime families.  They had been kicked out of political power and everything Donald Trump did changed their socialist struggle for the people.  Law and Order would rule the day even as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi pointed all the men in all the posses in the wrong direction.  Citizens had gathered by the millions and elected the new Sheriff Donald Trump and promised to stop the looting by government officials.

Children were at last learning about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and many thought the books were simply stories, fiction.

The Clinton and Obama gangs were gone for the moment, but many of their desperado friends still held important posts within the government town, Washington D.C.

Hillary and Barack were used to looting the government for their own personal and political gain but their masks had been removed by secret service agents working through Western Union.

Every letter Hillary had written to her lawyer had been scribed and sent over the wires across the country and was reprinted in newspapers in every town, city or village.

As in the older days Barack and Hillary were guilty of robbing the American people and holding out false lures to the poorest of working men and their families.  Barack and Hillary promised something called welfare benefits for the good and wellbeing of the poor working man and his children.

They had been masked until Western Union sent out all their writings and the newspaper men started writing their stories, but the New York City Prairie Trails Newspaper was different, you could buy their headlines.

Depending on the amount of gold in those Wells Fargo bags newspaper officials could point fingers and in a good year start a small war somewhere.  The newspaper business was about profits even as their power to persuade was constantly decreasing.

Sheriff Donald Trump had told everybody that would listen not to believe everything you read in the papers and especially that New York City Prairie Trails Newspaper and people were starting to believe him.

Hillary and Barack knew that nobody patrolled the newspapers to make sure they told the truth as miserable citizens for the most part still believed them some of the time.

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