Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Pal Harvey Weinstein and his best friend Dick - Does Weinstein's Dick have a nickname? Yes, it does, Harvey, the proud handler of the little fella, needed a name, it was in seventh grade, his mother had already caught him twice,

The Harvey Weinstein Scandal - Politically the Democrats has a lot to explain; Harvey's Dick is extensively being discussed in Hollywood and behind the closed doors of the DNC as liar's masked is pulled away. ABC. CBS. NBC. MSNBC. CNN are thereby hiding in the shadows, the Clinton's went underground concerning Weinstein.

"Don't panic Harvey, I said I would suck your dick!"

but Harvey always had another notion, now he wants his dick in my pussy and my studio break is only 15 minutes

"Arguing with you dick Harvey is a waste of time!"

Fuck the plant if you can' wait.

"I told Harvey his alternative spot was not my ass hole"

I should have known, he jacked off on the plant again.

The Master Weinstein Masturbator, the highly successful Hollywood dick and politically influential Jack Off Weinstein is about one sexual complaint away from prison.

Master Harvey Weinstein and his Sex Scandal get larger and larger. In a general statement is seems Mr. Weinstein is some kind of sexual pervert and rapist just like X impeached president Bill Clinton, the philosophy of find them, fuxk them and forget them has new meaning for young people.

Like some bad movie Weinstein maybe promised stardom for vagina time: his sexuality is animal sexuality and any women who was forced to have sex with him should come forward today. His rank sexual behaviours were seemingly well known, but hidden by friends and cash bribes. Perverted sex or rape has ramifications; it's one reason Hillary Clinton is not president today, Bill Clinton has an abuse and rape problem. Logically the people that protected Harvey Weinstein had some gain in fame or fortune, its the reason Hillary Clinton is hiding with most of the liberal socialist left friends we call democrats. Weinstein and Clinton should learn that bestiality is not love making or sex. Both Bill The Hillary Bill Clinton Gang and Harvey Weinstein clearly feel that women are inferior to men as they play to their blind desires.
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