Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Better Deal - The Rat Brain of Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton lives on, without the American people, A Better Deal, called socialism - the Welfare State

The Rat Brain, another "Better Deal"
Chuck Schumer's title in Congress tells the entire story of the new Democratic Slogan "A Better Deal" that was launched this week. You can imagine Chuck Schumer riding his horse through the field of working slaves and making them promises of better things to come, if only they would surrender to him and only him.

Another Democratic Plot against Negro and Latino minorities, keeping the slaves on welfare, feeding them, taking care of them and keeping them as friendly slaves for another generation.

His title is Senate Minority Leader, a marginal insignificant minor power player in Congress because the honest legal voters kicked the Democrats out of power, across the nation.

The Rat Brain of Chuck Schumer

"A Better Deal" the new slogan, is simply more Obama Clinton Schumer Pelosi DNC Democratic Party social engineering pointed directly at white socialist liberals and minorities of color, again.

Chuck Schumer claims "We are back" at the DNC Democratic Party staged news conference in Berryville Virginia and promises more socialist utopian ideas to people of color and all those working class, middle class people that kicked them out of power.

The Moron Chuck Schumer - 

wanted for fiendish crimes against Americans. 

A Better Deal scheme, not so fast Chuck.

A chicken in every pot, a new car in the driveway, free college for your kid, never worry about getting sick, everything covered, including your phone, internet connection and dinner on the table.

We heard all that from Barack Obama.

Obama, Schumer, Clinton, Pelosi and others truly believe that a cheap ass bumper sticker slogan will transform our society to a socialist communist central planning country without any comprehensive planning that gave us worldwide wars and problems. Obama and Hillary Clinton left marks, their whip marks will last generations.

The welfare state, the communist state, the open border state, won't fit on a bumper sticker, but "A Better Deal" would look great in big bold red letters.

The Democratic party wants total control, from infant to grave, free health care, open borders, electric cars, imported workers, so Schumer does have political convictions, he wants it all.

Schumer's Better Deal
for the Slaves

The debate is over Schumer, we already have the better deal and his name is President Donald Trump.

Now, we're all sure that CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and the New York Times, the Washington Post will bump up your slogan, and maybe even the CNN Cuban bastard Acosta will get a question to the president, but let it be known, socialism is for losers, just like you.

Schumer wants a centralized government, socialism is state ownership of production, control over investments, distribution of wealth and guaranteed incomes, and the government making all the decisions of what can be bought and sold, free health care, free phones, free food, free college, legal drugs - it's just pot, open borders - illegal aliens are people too, Iran nuclear - they have the right, imported cheap labor - we need to pick the corn, and of course a $15.00 an hour job even if the person has zero skills, a criminal background, a little drug problem, maybe illegal with a gun in his pocket.

So, no thanks Chuck Schumer, keep your rat invested Better Deal because we'll keep our people controlled government so we can continue to vote out assholes in government.


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