Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The War, it rained yesterday, so today, we will start a revolution. A new nation born of the original 13 colonies of the United States - Millions will pay the price the logicians at started the WAR clock three nuclear weapons used in the Middle East,

His voice was strong 

"Force is imperfect, but it's the universal language"

"Yesterday it rained, but today we will start a revolution."

His voice was not tense at all and the leader made it clear that the war clock had been started and there was no turning back.

It doesn't matter if we did it yesterday or now, or even next week, but when we start we can never stop as the revolution could last several decades so it's time to put our plans in action, hold on and let our unchanging actions change the world.

The overlapping computer links were disconnected and beyond question the N.S.A. would not be able to trace their global communications.  The system of revolution was in place and even the death of their leader could not stop the doctrine now in place.

The war will now start without the leader and will most likely finish without him.  

Everything now would take place by timetables set up over the last three years so the United States could never formulate a proper defense.

The "New Nation" would be formed by fire, just like the United States.  The old United States would be dissolved by force.

Yes, it would be considered terrorism around the world but so was the French revolution and even the American revolution.

The very first action would be an explosion of violence against the political class that would last forty days and forty nights.  This would be considered a foundational strike against the U.S. Government, that would cripple the nation within a few days. 

Depending as it does, the war plans have not been tested but they had been planned by experts secretly around the world.  The force applied to the political class inside America had not been seen since the American revolution and the leader didn't plan on using muskets as he would induce terror first and then salvation.

There would be no rules, it would be ruthless and millions could die if the United States government didn't bow to the absolute force brought to bear against it.

The United States government would have to forfeit all authority over what any high school graduate might remember, the original thirteen colonies.

The U.S. government was in shambles after the last middle eastern war when Russian and America went head to head for the first time that included a limited nuclear exchange in Syria and Israel. 

Civilians were targeted in Israel by Syria using a small tactical nuclear weapon supplied by Russia or Iran, and America responded as only America could.  The capitol of Syria was mostly destroyed by two small tactical nuclear missile strikes fired by the U.S.S. Wright only five minutes apart killing over sixty five thousand people.

Three tactical nuclear weapons were used in total, one by Syria and two by the United States but it put the entire world on the verge of total war.  Russia moved one hundred thousand combat ready troops to the Ukrain and overran the country in less than three weeks and were digging in for a long battle.  

Poland was invaded also by Russia as over three hundred thousand troops moved against them and had taken the country with deadly fighting over three months.  China closed the South China Sea to all military traffic and Japan challenged it from the first moment.  

Chinese aircraft carriers were launching what they called defensive strikes against Japan with little damage as Japan was holding its fire by the request of the United States.

It was time for a change, the time for a new country, it was time for a new nation.

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