Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Glen or Glenda for God's Sake - The Transgender Queer Marine - Most men go to war without gowns and jewelry - Trump Says No Transgender People Allowed -

Most men go to war without gowns and jewelry.

Glen wanted to fire the heavy weapon, 
Glenda wanted a new night gown,
You're in the Army now. 

You cannot approach the LGBT Transgender community without stampeding the DNC Democratic left into some kind of queer frenzy. Transgender people were deemed into the U.S. Military and now they have been deemed out by President Trump.

When did Trans become popular? The modern military has many demands to defend our nation but has little time or money for LGBT political pets brought into the military for political amusement and entertainment by the DNC Democratic Party. 

Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and of course Secretary Carter let transgender people serve in the military, to be fair.

It's the same line of thinking that is allowing North Korea and Iran to build nuclear weapons, you've got to be fair.

President Trump deemed yesterday that transgender people are no longer allowed to serve in the U.S. Military, for any reason.

Beyond the political circle of Washington D.C. nobody really cares that President Trump has banned the transgender from the military but the average American is very pleased.

You can expect the expected; the liberal socialist communist left will scream murder, devoted to the LGBT voting power and dollars the left will be setting snares and traps for all those mean people that don't love transgender people.

The LGBT Democratic Agenda is all about MONEY and forcing regular people like you accepting the fact that domesticated transgender people are o.k.

The U.S. Military is not in the business of catching, training and introducing Transgender people into the main stream military.

The U.S. Taxpayer, and the U.S. Military services cannot afford the controversial gender reassignment surgery and the distraction of mind and body from defending the nation and killing our enemies.

The Military prowls the world to keep us safe and cannot be used for a well funded taxpayer den of wild cats known as transgender. The taxpayer cannot afford, literally, to be the source of medical conversion, food and comfort and fight wars at the same time as the Military trains a fighting force and has little time to tame the passions of a transgender.

It takes a mountain lion mentality to go to war so the unusual order to allow transgender people into the military has been reversed.

They are no collars and leashes, the military is all voluntary and in a usual order the military has rules and regulations to get in the military and stay in the military.

The transgender can find new companions but the Democratic Socialist left will continue to scratch around the sand pile looking for more trouble.

Now, of course, some transgender soldiers must be smart, display good dispositions, are dependable and intelligent, then they should pay for all their medical expenses, not the taxpayer.

Most men go to war without gowns and jewelry and may not want delicate little flowers guarding their military flanks?

The U.S. Marines are noted for having done everything and been everywhere, from jungles to mountains but waiting on your buddy to brush tiny tufts of hair back before firing on an enemy isn't one.

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