Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

White House Leak West Wing Discovered Nude Body of Washington D.C. Journalist Discovered in Apartment Dumpster, Russian ties possible, Classified Documents on her person, PD press conference,

The government job was a dream come true, a lifetime of income, great benefits, and no matter what the cost Kurt could put anything on his U.S. Government credit card but his grimy little hands wanted a lot more.

Working inside the West Wing of the White House was a living daydream it was a showroom of world power and once or twice a month he actually could see President Donald Trump in person walking down the hallways of the central power of the world.
Kurt's pretense of respecting President Trump was thinly disguised at best because Kurt hated everything Trump said, everything he did or anything he proposed to do as President of the United States.
Kurt's government task was to work with the Print and Broadcast Media like the New York Times, The Washington Post, AP Associated Press, BBC,  and broadcasters like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC,CNN,FOX and a hundred more and make sure the lazy media got the story right on any given topic.  He was also instructed to give just a little more to Breitbart News, because they were good people.
The first time, reluctantly, Kurt printed out some classified documents to take home and review because his boss told him to do his homework before the Sunday talk shows.  The old man told him to read everything classified that had anything to do with the Russian story and summarize his findings.  Kurt read endlessly Friday night, Saturday and until Sunday morning when he fell asleep at his kitchen table, so much for the big weekend he had planned with Sally Hartmann.
Kurt knew that President Trump's staff was starting to twist and turn because of the Russian story and the media was killing the White House with one story after another, and then another.
Everybody working for President Trump was now weary, too many hours, no weekends, endless news stories but Kurt ignored what he called the "summer people" the fat cats that went to the beach as the little slaves like Kurt worked 75 hours a week.
The old man read his summary paper at twelve noon on Sunday and told Kurt he did a good job and to enjoy the rest of his weekend.
The old man denies the existence of sleep.
Kurt arrived at home and noticed Sally Hartmann's B.M.W. parked in the visitors parking lot of his apartment complex, it made him smile.

Sally had finished photographing all the confidential documents from the White House, seemingly just in time, Kurt was home early.  She rushed to Kurt's bedroom and tossed off all her clothes and jumped in bed, the lady in waiting act always worked.  Sally heard Kurt call her name, she whispered Hello.
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