Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

“Ice-Nine.” Deplorables - Urgent ALERT WARNING NOTICE are you ready to fight, are you truly ready to save America, there is a NATIONAL PLOT and a GLOBAL PLOT - Headline Financial News being hidden from Cash Holding 401-K holding Stock Market Investors -

This is an absolute warning; 
A Cold Day in Hell

Two words that will give them total and absolute control over you and every single cent of money you have during the next financial crisis.  The Global Elites plan on freezing all your assets, including cash, 401-K and even stock market holdings.

This is a real federal plan, linked to global elites and its going to happen overnight, without much notice and the whole thing is a one world order, one global government grab, so you must be willing to fight, more than words fighting. 
Remember these two words… and remember, you heard them here first because there's a book out, google Ice-Nine, they tell me it's free.. 
Here’s how I like to explain it… experts can expand but this gives you the general idea. 
When what I call the Ice-Nine plan goes into effect, your money in your bank account… your stock brokerage account… your retirement plan… it's all froze, you cannot touch it, spend it or even complain about it. 
You’ll be able to look at it… from a distance, most likely your computer screen or some kind of Federal Reserve Monthly Statement. 
But you can’t touch it… all digital, locked away by government. 
And you don’t own it… it's yours but you cannot spend it, currency is owned by the government, gold will be owned by governments, silver will be owned.
During the next crisis there will be a coordinated world-wide plan to freeze EVERYTHING you own because every country on earth is dead ass broke.  The federal reserve has printed trillions in worthless dollars, most western countries have done the same thing. 
Your savings account… FROZEN (you won’t be able to withdraw anything.)you can just stare at the statement.
Your brokerage account… FROZEN (you won’t be able to sell anything.) again, look at the statement while you loose your home or car or the kid drops out of college or you have a medical emergency without any resources. 
Your retirement account account… FROZEN (all that “safe” money you thought you had will be gone.) Think of money, all money, all money around the globe being sucked up by the governments that issued the notes.  You get to look, but cannot touch. 
The government plans on using your cash, gold, silver, stocks and bonds during the next financial collapse.  They don't have enough money, the banks are paper castles, the banks are on fire.  The government will scoop up your everything, pool it together and save the government, banks and federal reserve.
That’s the "Ice-Nine" plan in a nutshell.
And it’s 100% true... and could be coming to your bank SOON.


Write Congress
Write Donald Trump
Go to your local bank

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