Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

WHCA White House Correspondents Association White House Musical Chairs - No Assigned Seating No Daily Briefing Eliminate Main Stream Media Biased B.S. Donald Trump, Destroy New York Times,

It's way past time that the main stream media gets a formalized kick in the ass and if they don't start telling the truth, Donald Trump can give them the boot.  We have The New York Times wishing they were a real newspaper again, could have done better, didn't know Americans were pissed off at Obama and Clinton or believe in God.

Move over Main Stream Progressive in the bag media.  The game is up, you failed your very simple mission of telling the truth.

No more reserved anything, no more reserved seating and in fact we can skip the whole briefing room puppet show which is used to spread gossip... skip it.. trash it... just like the New York Times. 

The so called WHCA White House Correspondents Association is full of feeble minded, biased copy boys and hungry copy girls.  The WHCA will have a lot of trouble collecting their dues next year because their members will be outcast by the American President, Donald Trump. 

The American president, Donald Trump, will assign seats, if any.

If Donald Trump is busy saving the world Priebus can hand out a press statement, written form, every day at 9:00 a.m.... no sitting allowed.  In fact an email would be better.

Main Stream Media?
Does it do its best to present the whole truth?

• Does it give both sides of disputed questions?

• Does it have convictions—and is it fair to those who disagree?

• Does it show the world as it is, without distortion?

• Does it winnow out the chaff from the wheat in the day’s news?

• Is it exciting without being sensational?

• Is it written with genuine interest, so that it attracts the growing mind?

• Is it well written, so that reading it is a lesson in English expression?

• Is it legibly and cleanly printed, so that it is readable without eye-strain?

• Is it the kind of newspaper which wise school teachers recommend?



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