Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Socialist Punk Dictator Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela is holding a American hostage, by the name of HOLT. - Obama Kerry - no hurry - while the American has already lost 50 pounds, being tortured, his lawyer cannot even see him, U.S. Marines Florida and Shipboard Marines are quickly considering rescue in Venezuela

The Great Socialist State of Venezuela is holding an American citizen by name of Holt.  

Barack Obama and John Kerry will do nothing so little shxt dictator Nicolas Maduro, the same ass that is starving his people to death, should realize he has until January 21 st 2017 to do the right thing.

Nicolas Maduro is playing the Obama - Iran game of catch and release for millions in cash delivered by Barack Obama inside a private jet in the middle of the night.

Nicolas Madura, the fat ass dictator of Venezuela should realize that the Marines hitting the beach spend no time counting dead socialist communist little bastards they just stack them out of the way so the U.S. tanks don't crush them and get blood and guts into the tank tracks. 

Nicolas Maduro makes a lot of promises to his starving people but it's said he's holding HOLT on arms charges, which is bull shxt and Holt's lawyer cannot even see the prisoner.  Stores coming out that HOLT is being tortured by the failed socialist state. 

Nicolas Maduro, take note, your a half ass dictator, starving and cheating millions of people, jailing thousands, holding the country hostage as you rape the entire nation.

Take the time big shot, find HOLT, get him on a one way flight to America with his new bride.

Ten Thousand Marines, is a sight you will never forget.



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