Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Friday, January 6, 2017

Amazon KIVA Robots Kill 180,000 Human Beings or so they say. Before you Buy online, think of your neighbor, the poor unemployed bastard, Amazon KIVA Robotics Your clicking your way into the poor house,

Amazon Warning from America;  Take your little robots and shove them up your ass; Now Amazon should understand this is not a simple minded warning, your success might kill us all and while you buy and place more robots more of us starve to death.  

Thanks for the memory Amazon of a full time job 

and double thanks for all those little orange bastard machines that goes by the name KIVA as 95 million Americans are out of the workforce.   But don't worry because a ROBOT union is in the workings.. 

The KIVA so-called orange robots, now numbering about 45,000 do the work of about 180,000 human beings? so when you hit the Amazon button to buy you're also laying off another human being. 

We all know the old story about telephone operators, elevator operators and horse buggy whip factories but Americans, the American Middle Class, should be very careful funding something called Amazon and their little robots.  

Sure, technology improves performance and productivity but at some point nobody cares except the rich bastards in the penthouse.  We have 95 million people out of the workforce and a real unemployment rate approaching 20% so slow down on robots. 

Amazon was a giant of an idea, mouse around their online inventory, click inside your cart and then hit the submit button, it was called e-commerce and it's really big business.  KIVA is everywhere but don't think Amazon created the idea, they just wanted to fire tens of thousands of people. 

Now mostly, Amazon jobs suck.  Sounds harsh I know but go apply for a job at Amazon and write your own story in 90 days.  

Amazon, fulfillment and distribution jobs are mostly sweatshop jobs, lousy second shift hours, poorly trained supervisors, freeze in the winter and burn up in the summer as the conveyors spin and the pickers toss your product into a box.  

It's not fun and the money isn't enough.

So, KIVA, strange name for a little company but a guy and another guy thought up KIVA.  

KIVA robots replace human beings by moving merchandise around the fulfillment center as the picker stays in one place with a computer screen and the empty box.

Once upon a time, a real life human being would stand around a conveyor and pick from inventory shelves, put your selection in the box and do it over and over again.

Being a picker inside a Amazon fulfillment center is like being a garbage man.  

Over and over, smells bad, money's o.k., your boss is a college educated guy that understands excel spread sheets and production bonus cash, but doesn't care about you (the little human) at all.

Humans are expensive and require some cheap benefits, bathrooms, meetings and constant supervision, not even counting that paycheck.

KIVA, the human replacement does all the inventory movement as that one guy or gal stands around waiting for their little friend.

Amazon, and their 45,000 + KIVA robots got rid of about 180,000 human beings that have rent, food and clothing to buy but that is not a Amazon problem.  KIVA was not invented by Amazon they simply liked it and bought the company. Kind of like the Washington Post, you buy a newspaper and start creating your own news.  You buy a KIVA robot and start killing off employees.

Staples Inc, that other company, almost gone now, was the first real player with KIVA robots and they're amazing to watch, they're almost fun to watch.  

History Channel shows up at the Staples Inc fulfillment center and well, Staples made history.  

Hundreds of KIVA Robotic totters eliminated 400 full time jobs.  

Now Amazon, the retail killer has most likely eliminated 180,000 human jobs and just wait, Amazon is installing KIVA everywhere as fast as the little KIVA bastards can be made, not in America of course.

So, you like Amazon?

You need a job?

I suggest you tell Amazon to kiss your ass goodbye.


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