Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
President Trump Unites All Americans Through Education Hard Work Honest Dealings and Prosperity United We Stand Against Progressive Socialists DNC Democrats Negro Race Baiting Using Negroes For Political Power is Over and the Main Stream Media is Imploding FAKE News is Over in America

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mexico watches CNN - You can tell - The Amazing Race of liberty and freedom is on and Donald Trump is in the lead, swiftly passing every nut job in the Democratic Party with real solutions for real people. We're going to call it Communist Manchuria again as China pulls back, controls their populations by killing hundreds of thousands, like they did before. Trump is going places, go with him.

Mexican President, Mexico's President, Enrique Pena Nieto  is not in the parade so he should stop talking and pay for the fence. Illegal Aliens, each person caught crossing the American border without proper documentation a fine will be charged against Mexico at $35,000 U.S.D. dollars each.. 

The Deplorable News about Mexico and NAFTA. 

President Donald Trump will TAX imports from Mexico, we can only hope that the 35% bouncing around is the minimum tax on cheap slave type labor imports. China can expect the same treatment as they talk to their communist slave citizens about building illegal islands, and bragging about how tough they are, nuclear weapons and all.

NAFTA, the Bill and Hillary Clinton Agreement has cost 20 Million American jobs as a auto worker in Mexico works for $8 and hour, vrs. the unionized corrupt American Auto worker at $45 an hour but Donald Trump isn't stopping with General Motors and Ford Motors.

Donald Trump is looking across the ocean at China and says who needs the Chinese Menace, the little yellow bastards are liars and cheats and they'll steal you blind.  China cannot innovate but they're really good at stealing blueprints, building islands and copying everything they see, just like Japan.

The horseless carriage Democratic Party, Socialist Party, Progressive Party led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was destroyed by the faster and smarter Donald Trump and honest Americans plan on taking their country back and destroying the illegal and corrupt Democratic Party, and if luck holds out jail Hillary and Bill Clinton and indict Barack Obama on January 21st as an enemy of the state.

Mexico's president, Enrique Pena Nieto is now watching his socialist state crumble as the Peso drops like a rock and the people are overrun by illegal drug cartels. 

General Motors has 80,000 employees in Mexico and about 8.000 in America and if that does not reverse in the next two or three years you can expect a bankrupt General Motors.  G.M. Government Motors was saved by the corrupt Barack Obama with taxpayer dollars so we have lot's of room to create a brand new American automobile and truck manufacturing base without them.

Mexico, with the rumor of tariffs is falling off the cliff so maybe they should cut a deal with President Trump and start writing really big checks and pouring the foundation for the Trump Deplorable wall.

Now the Chamber of Commerce, little more than a progressive box of dummies has been selling out America with the help of Obama Clinton for big business for years.  

The Chamber warns you that Mexican and China imports create millions of jobs but they don't tell you that they are low paid jobs with no future.

If you want to unload containers from Mexico or China the Chamber of Commerce is right, but if you want to rebuild America for the benefits of Americans the Chamber needs to shut the hell up and beg the American people to forgive them.

Mexico will fall to it's knees so expect China, Mexico and Russia to combine against America, won't be the first time.

If you had courage you would stop buying Mexican and China slave products today and create 20 million jobs in America.

It's amazing that all the so called minorities support the slave labor states of Mexico and China, check the labels.

As the peso takes a dump even with the Mexican central bank trying to save it you can fully expect a real life, gun shooting, rock throwing civil war in Mexico.

Close the border.

Create U.S. jobs.

Build the wall.

Clean out U.S. government.

The Amazing Race of liberty and freedom is on and Donald Trump is in the lead, swiftly passing every nut job in the Democratic Party with real solutions for real people.

We're going to call it Communist Manchuria again as China pulls back, controls their populations by killing hundreds of thousands, like they did before.

Trump is going places, go with him.


Why do these companies want cheap Mexican Labor;  ask them...

The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. CVS Caremark Corporation Hallmark Cards, Inc. McDonald's Corporation The Wendy's Company The Walt Disney Company The Coca-Cola Company Johnson & Johnson American Express Company 21st Century Fox Darden Restaurants, Inc (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and others) Liberty Mutual Group, Inc. Allstate Insurance Company Western Union Northwestern Mutual American Airlines Inc. Motorola Solutions, Inc. The Procter  Gamble Company (wide range of well-known home and beauty brands) Newell Rubbermaid Inc. AT&;T Inc. T-Mobile USA, Inc. Caterpillar Inc. The ADT Corporation Pfizer Inc. Hewlett-Packard Company HP United Parcel Service, Inc. UPS General Electric Company GE Verizon Communications Inc.  Pay your phone bill (one dollar short) Marriott International, Inc.  Stay somewhere else Hilton Worldwide  Find another room Hyatt Hotels Corporation  Say no to Hyatt McCormick & Company, Inc.  Salt and Pepper Cisco Systems, Inc.  A billionaire doesn't need you anymore, let him sail off Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Eaton E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company BNSF Railway Company Shell Oil Company General Mills, Inc. (many well-known food brands) Ingram Industries Inc. Kronos Incorporated Ingersoll Rand Company General Parts Inc. Merck & Co., Inc. United Technologies Corporation Harris Corporation Illinois Tool Works Inc. Sears Holdings Corporation  There is a reason that Sears and K-Mart is going broke USG Corporation Archer Daniels Midland Company  Destroy people that control your food Johnson Controls, Inc.  Lots of people make their stuff Ally Financial Inc. US Foods Univar, Inc. Kiewit Corporation Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.  Great company really bad leadership W.W. Grainger, Inc.  Too bad, no more money. Avery Dennison Corporation Humana Inc. Novelis, Inc. The Williams Companies, Inc. Avaya Inc. Computer Sciences Corporation Honeywell International Inc. International Paper Company  All they do is cut down trees, cut your cash flow to them Dover Corporation Danaher Corporation TRW Automotive Analog Devices, Inc. Ecolab, Inc. Avnet, Inc. White Lodging Corporation Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. Simon Property Group Daikin McQuay Americas Continental Grain Company MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc. Hospira, Inc. Cigna Corporation The ServiceMaster Company Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Bloomin' Brands Inc. Fiserv, Inc. Carolinas HealthCare System SRA International Emerson Rockwell Automation, Inc. Parker Hannifin Corporation Saint-Gobain Corporation General Dynamics Corporation A. O. Smith Corporation Praxair, Inc. HCA Inc. Eastman Chemical Company Manpower Group Fifth Third Bank Pitney Bowes Inc. Express Scripts, Inc. Cardinal Health, Inc. Aleris International, Inc. DTE Energy Company U.S. Steel Corporation Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation Cargill, Incorporated Assurant, Inc. XL Global Services, Inc Texas Instruments Incorporated ATK WESCO International

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