Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Mexican Trump Border - Investments - Since Donald Trump became President of the United States, this little Mexican village had become a boomtown and looking around you could count hundreds of people, waiting in long hot lines, checking in at this inner check point as countless American military vehicles idled their engines to keep their air conditioned gun crews cool in the sun.

It was a nine foot wide mule trail, but now it provided the place to cross the American border.  The gringos would be guarding this stretch of dirt road but the nervous American driver continued, Jeb insisted that he should drive even though he wasn't very sure right now.
Once looking like a faraway dream the young girls packed on the back seat and the front seat were leaving Old Mexico as they were being helped by the "Victoria Mission" a Catholic charity located in Laredo Texas.

The first one hundred miles were hot and monotonous as the older Ford's air conditioning had stopped working years ago, as the gorgeous desert panorama unfolded and gave up a lot of mid day heat.
Jeb was returning to the United States so he counted the cactus as he drove the dusty and dry road, and drank his beer kept cool by the  ice chest on the passenger side floor board up front, painted red with the Coca Cola letters in bright white.
The whole trip was only 108 miles so Jeb stopped counting cactus and paid more attention to the road block ahead right in front of the old Monterrey Motel as he slowed the car behind the other vehicles waiting.
As the hilly country gave away to the flat lands the Monterrey Motel was the center of the Old Mexico village and just a few miles beyond was the America border.
This road block was no surprise, the red tape set up by Donald Trump, President of the United States and the Mexican Government approved U.S. road blocks inside Mexico well before you crossed into the United States.
Jeb could easily read the traffic and road block signs displayed in English as he eased on his squeaky brakes in front of the tourist courts known as the Monterrey Motel.
The Motel is just the outer starting point to the long multiple check points into the United States.
Just like last time, Jeb handed the U.S. Military Marine Guard his U.S. Passport and the fifty dollar fee required to proceed to the next check point, it was a long toll road to America.
Jeb would proceed to the next U.S. Mexican check point only a hundred yards or so from the first one.  The speed limit, until you reached the American border was five miles per hour, the speed limit was enforced.
Jeb parked the Ford and got out of the car and so did all the young girls as they were to report to the U.S. Border Check In, booth number twenty seven.
As Jeb and his girls walked the short distance U.S. Military Soldiers along with D.E.A. and C.B.P. agents emptied Jeb's car and checked it for illegal drugs, illegal people, illegal guns and another 23 things on the U.S. inspection list. 
A Mexican Soldier was standing guard at booth 27 as Jeb and the young girls gathered and handed the U.S. Military Police their passports, visa's and other required paperwork to cross the U.S. border, including their health certificates from the U.S. Medical Clinical Services based in Mexico City, operated by the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C.
Since Donald Trump became President of the United States, this little Mexican village had become a boomtown and looking around you could count hundreds of people, waiting in long hot lines, checking in at this inner check point as countless American military vehicles idled their engines to keep their air conditioned gun crews cool in the sun.
Jeb knew this was just the first in a long chain forcing all persons traveling to the United States into an military zone authorized by Washington D.C. and Mexico City.
Jeb and each girl received their pass to enter the inspection building where they would all have to pass through electronic detectors.  America also used the invasive scanners that could reveal the nude bodies of each of them, but the girls were clearly nervous as they took off their dresses for a full body search by hand, by female Mexican guards.
At the end of the inspection line Jeb received his "PTA" Pass To America as did all the girls with one of the male American guards and congratulated Jeb on his cargo.
Each PTA pass cost $50.00 but had to be paid with Mexican money, the peso.
The Yankee Donald Trump got paid and so did the bastard government cartels in Mexico city, each in their own currency.
The U.S. portion, fifty dollars, went to the General Border Wall Fund, in fact the Mexicans were paying for the wall, that wall that was only a few miles down the road, 50 feet high, guarded by U.S. Marines and CBP border agents, that golden gate into America surely was made of gold at these prices.   If everything went well, they would be in America in a couple of weeks.  It really depends on the security alert status in America.  With the Syrian Jihadist Problem and Cuba pointing Russian missiles you just never knew. 
Jeb had all the U.S. and Mexican identification papers to reenter America but all eight girls would have to wait for the extreme vetting required by the U.S. Government.  The Motel rooms were only $10.00 per night paid by peso but only two people could share a room. Jeb would have to rent five rooms, four for the girls and one for himself.  The average wait time for U.S. vetting was nine days if everything checked out. This time last year during the Syrian crises the wait time was at least 45 days due to the emergency inside America caused by the Dirty Bomb exploded in Baltimore Maryland.
Jeb's Ford was taken away and parked behind a guarded fenced area but the Military police carried their luggage and bags and Jeb was sure the Yankee boys just wanted to get close to the girls now in U.S. Government intern jump suit clothing made of bright orange cloth. 
Jeb looked as bad but he was clothed in a white jump suit with an American flag sewn to each sleeve giving him more general freedom as he waited for vetting.
Jeb and his eight young women were now locked up and had to stay within their assigned camp.  You could see the Monterrey Motel in the distance behind them that offered flat screen T.V.'s, three different restaurants and even a swimming pool.
Jeb and the girls were held in what the U.S. Government called "Villa 27", they would eat, sleep and play there until the governments of the United States and Mexico agreed they could cross the U.S. border.
Jeb Bush had heard last year the United States took in $4.3 billion dollars in cash from these inner check points stretched across Northern Mexico and Mexico collected the same amount in Peso, even though their currency was only valued at 20 percent of U.S. Currency.
The $10.00 nightly Motel fee inside Villa 27 included all three meals, beverages and even some entertainment for children for a couple of more dollars.  Each room did have a flat screen T.V., but a 19 inch T.V. screen seemed tiny to Jeb but huge to the Mexican girls.
Jeb entered his room and looked around and tossed his bag on the bed as the first new lure provided by the Mexican government knocked on his door with a romantic smile as her quaint voice wanted to know if he would like to buy some beer or cigarettes.
These Villa Girls were authorized by the Mexican Government and the U.S. State Department approved but the delightful woman were mostly whores selling hot beer and Mexican cigarettes and Cuba cigars.
Jeb just closed the door in her face, hot days and cool nights, this must be Mexico.

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