Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jim Crow Speech Barack Obama says good bye and nobody cares. The failed president Barack Obama cemented his Legacy today, his fathers dream, the fake book, was a nightmare, it is over, tell your children, America is saved from Schumer, Clinton, Obama and others.

The most insecure man Barack Obama is talking, the same old, Jim Crow, Slavery, Leaving the poor on the porch, the rich man always win.  The same old same old, the Barack Obama Legacy is cemented in place now.  Radical, Wrong .  

He wants the prison system modified to match his fathers dream, let them go, the criminals need our help not another prison cell.


Barack Obama let's loose Islamic Killers, Traitors to American but he's still talking about discovering he's a black man with a very poor work record.   If it wasn't for WikiLeaks, we would all still be in the dark clutches of the Administrative State. 

Barack Obama has everything thought out except the facts about racial fears.  He knows everything about economics, except 95 million Americans are out of the workforce.  He's worried about the poor Latino, mostly illegal aliens, treating them with respect.  You can just imagine, what if you were born in an inner city, where Obama enhanced the urban welfare that fosters crime, drugs, guns among another things.  

The only good thing about Barack Obama's last news conference is that it was the last official news conference, as the record will show, the worst president of the United States is firmly his legacy, even burying Jimmy Carter with his radical anti-American actions.  The streets are full of illegal aliens, enrolled in his fact ObamaCare, through Medicare, the gangs are killing in Chicago, a worthless DOJ Loretta Lynch special report blames the crimes and killings on the cops.  Barack Obama is corrupt, his socialist administrative state destroyed major economic and social fabrics of our country and around the world.  

He has a daughter that smokes pot, but you never hear him talk about children on drugs inside the White House.  Michelle is pitiful just like she started, negro games, poor me I'M black, better to be a fake white girl, hair straight, living on taxpayer money, renting a little mansion so they can sell their influence, another x-president foundation is surely on the way.  

As the Obama's retire, in theory only, the nation will settle down back into the constitution, based on the people and for the people.  We all know that the media is corrupt, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and FOX didn't report all the news about the recent prisoner release, they never will.  

This man called Barack Obama has destroyed race relations, socialized health care with ObamaCare, included the Muslim Brotherhood inside the White House, defended Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and their criminal enterprise called the Clinton Foundation.  We are so glad to see the radical gone, Israel will be saved, Russia will not expand, Cuba will be checked, North Korea will heel and China will deal fairly and pull back from their expansion.  

It is truly an end to the minority experiment, the DNC was corrupt, Bernie Sanders never had a chance, the press is corrupted, the New York Times will yield to the economic forces and file bankruptcy along with CNN and others.  Negro elimination continues, Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts.

The Congress now has the chance to save a nation, maybe with Donald Trump leading the charge they will gain the nerve to save the country, close and protect the borders, make sure criminals stay in prison to serve their sentence, maybe Chicago and Baltimore won't burn down to the ground.  

So good bye Mr. Obama, no longer the president, dusted away by the broom of the citizens, trashed and rejected, we won't miss you, you fool, you bastard. 

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