Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Columbia University the Negro Slave College; Columbia University, that grand place of learning that sucks up federal dollars by the billions has a not so secret past of Negro slavery.

Columbia University the Negro Slave College;  Columbia University, that grand place of learning that sucks up federal dollars by the billions has a not so secret past of Negro slavery. 

Slave traders had the money, so these early men "slaveholders" decided that ivy around their ivy league school had to be trimmed up so they brought their Negro slaves to school.

This so called elite school has been forced to confront current events and their own founding.  Historians have traced back over the 260+ year history of Columbia University, full of slave promoters and their money.

Slavery is intertwined with America's beginning and the life of Columbia University is no different.  Columbia University, the high step Ivy league university creates mostly progressive liberal socialists which is ironic as its own creation was from the bondage of black human beings.

A majority of Columbia University graduates continue their slave trade by using government to control the Negro, by feeding, housing and providing unearned benefits.

If you take slavery of the Negroes out of the picture there would be no Columbia University.

Columbia's first presidents all owned slaves, Samuel Johnson the first president most likely had them working inside his university home.  Most likely the current president of Columbia University still uses slaves, minimum wage, housekeepers, grass cutters, Negroes moping the floors, washing the windows and cooking the food, let alone driving the cars.

Columbia University administrators just loved their little darkies and brownies, having them working as late as 1816.

Today we have welfare slaves.

Today we have minimum wage slaves.

Today we have sex slaves.

Way back in the 1760"s, what was called the Merchant's college they even worked on math problems to calculate the investment and profits considering slave trading.  We do the same thing today with open borders, low cost slave type labor.

The first U.S. President's stepson John Custis, he also studied at the college in 1773 and he took his Negro slave to school.

The school at last got the word you should not own another human being and somewhat stepped up during the Civil War.

Columbia University, Brown University, Harvard University, Georgetown University, University of Virginia all have Negro slave pasts.

So do we all.
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