Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why does Barack Obama Hillary Clinton walk over GOLD to get to URANIUM Uranium, 260 thousand pounds of Uranium is moving to Islamic Iran from Communist Russia so what are you waiting for, impeach the bastard Barack Obama on his last day.

Uranium, 260 thousand pounds of Uranium is moving to Islamic Iran from Communist Russia so what are you waiting for, impeach the bastard Barack Obama on his last day.

Uranium is the natural atomic energy needed to create a nuclear weapon and thanks to Barack Hussein Obama the Islamic Muslim Menace of the world will have enough uranium to create several nuclear weapons. 
The Uranium Ore is worth a fortune and it's also deadly and most likely the Russian Uranium Ore moving to Iran is from the United States thanks to Hillary and Bill Clinton screwing America again for cash.
With aerial surveys, geological studies and other important government data you can see why Barack Obama wants to create all these brand new National Parks, there's Uranium underground.
The free enterprise greenhorn Barack Obama surely has plans to cash in after Donald Trump kicks him out of the peoples house.
From remote U.S. Western outcroppings of rocks, you can see from the color and formations that Uranium is present but don't plan on staking out your claim and begin mining.  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and other radical progressive DNC democrats have already staked out their claim through shell companies planted around the world.
High grade Uranium ore is worth thousands of billions of dollars because if you say NUCLEAR anything you must have Uranium.
The two moral problems are simple to understand.  Why would Bill and Hillary Clinton arrange for the Communist Bastard Russians to buy up the majority of our U.S. Uranium ore?  Why would Barack Obama grant authority to move American Uranium Ore from Russia to Iran which promises to destroy Israel?  The U.S. government needs and wants Uranium for Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power Plants, Medical Research so why would Barack Obama allow Iran to create nuclear atomic bombs from U.S. Uranium?
The radioactive cash opportunity is a glittering and deadly opportunity but the Clinton's and Obama's are swarming all over U.S. Uranium, the radioactive treasure is just too big to ignore.
We now know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have a dream and it's absolute power and wealth.  A smart man walks over gold to get to Uranium and persistently Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton works against American security and prosperity.
These second-hand used U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton will get their stakes from friends and secret donors like we all discovered inside the Clinton Foundation.  These billions in donations are simple bribes, for future favors and deals, like Uranium deals.
Bill Clinton cashed in on the Uranium deal with Communist Russia so Barack Obama must play the Iranian Jihadist Uranium game before the clanking of iron prison cell bars surround him for giving Iran over $10 Billion Dollars in cash, gold and other assets behind the backs of the American people.

With his eyes bugged out and his mouth gaped open Barack Obama will in time stand before a federal judge.
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