Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Friday, October 7, 2016

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Wow, What a mouth on Donald, A leaked video from 2005 captured Donald Trump using lewd language .. can you image two men standing around talking about getting laid?  That little rascal talks dirty about women and sex, at his age, even that many years ago.. 

 I don't know.. maybe we should be talking about Barack Obama's daughter smoking know like daddy did, she'll turn out to be drug head.. Maybe we could ask Monica Lewinsky about dirty talk, sex talk while Bill Clinton tried to stab her to death in her Pussi with a cigar.. American is tired of the Bull Shi....  Maybe the young girls at the Clinton Presidential Library.. in the penthouse alone.. having wet T-shirt parties.. 

The Washington Post, needing badly to help Hillary Clinton as about 90% of men either talk about Sports, Money or Sex, in any given order at any given time.  The mixed up.. or I should say FuXked up Main Stream Media seems to be in total shock... that the sexes have words for body parts and actions.. Only Hillary Clinton has bigger problems, at this point Hillary should shoot Bill Clinton down because even the Washington Post (AMAZON), The New York Times (Part owner Mexican) .. and all the other ignorant bastards have run out of bullets. 

Imagine what Bill Clinton whispered into the ears of the women he sexually violated so I think Hillary should bring us this foul mouthed bastard Donald Trump so he can bomb her with quotes from Bill Clinton's sexual assault victims.. first question out of the next debate.. 

Now the legal side, who made the recording, who kept the recording, who sold the recording, we can assume Washington Post paid cash?  


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