Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vladimir Putin is a good friend of Hillary Clinton, but likes Natural Gas More, Read This!

Special Report; Russian Moves Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for their own good reasons.  The Hillary Clinton Barack Obama anti-fracking inside America was and is being funded by Vladimir Putin, the Communist emperor of Russia, keep reading. 

Russian connection always made perfect sense. The Russian economy is heavily dependent on its natural gas exports and clearly has a vested interest in preventing the adoption of fracking across the world. 

If the fracking industry in America is destroyed oil prices move up and also natural gas, a big product from fracking. 

Hillary’s comments – based, no doubt, on US intelligence data – simply confirm what environmentalists would prefer not believe: that far from being cosy, grass-roots, mom-and-pop outfits, anti-fracking groups – and campaigners such as Yoko Ono, Alec Baldwin, Vivienne Westwood and Emma Thompson – are essentially the puppets of Vladimir Putin.  Vladimir moves the money...just like George Soros.

FrackNation’s makers are now calling on Hillary and the State Department to release the names of all anti-fracking organizations which have received Russian funding. Hillary is hard pressed to release the names, mostly because she sold uranium ore output from the United States to the Communist bear.. helping Iran make a nuclear weapons problem. 

“They are basically acting as paid agents for a hostile foreign power,” “This is possibly illegal and is most definitely deeply disturbing and unethical. The State Department needs to name and shame these groups now.”

This won’t, of course, happen – not least because anti-fracking is one of those areas where Russia’s views and those of both the Obama administration and that of its preferred successor Hillary Clinton align almost perfectly.

Indeed, anti-fracking is the default position of the entire liberal political and media class, not to mention any number of US foundations (Rockefeller; Hewlett; Packard; Gordon and Betty Moore; etc) built on the proceeds of the capitalist system but now largely dedicated to undermining it.

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