Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

“Never Say Never.” Millions of People will vote Donald Trump - Polls cannot uncover the Angry Days in America - Hillary Clinton Surrounded by Gunfighters - Would the USSS Secret Service Agent take a bullet for the bitch.. Most likely no..

The Polls not reaching deep enough, experts say.  

With WIKILEAKS exposing the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton, daily, you should never ever say, “Never Say Never.”  Millions of People will vote Donald Trump - Polls cannot uncover the Angry Days in America and experts also are reporting if Hillary Clinton is elected president you should and can expect extreme civil unrest as never seen in America; The middle class will rise up which has never been seen in America.  Lower classes in society, poverty ridden, minorities, rise up often in America without the power.  The middle class has the power to crush ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and even FOX New in a matter of months.  

Never Say Never

A revolution is not complicated and the millenniums were not taught a complete history of the world, not even the history of the United States.  Millenniums think they know their parents, mostly living in their parents basements, stuck with extreme college debt, poor pay service jobs, old cars and ObamaCare looming the "kids" are in for a big shock when daddy grabs his shotgun "advice by Joe Biden" and starts to protect his family, property, wealth and the American way of life.  

The Constitution is very clear, you should read it.  Hillary Clinton is a private citizen today and subject to immediate detention.  If the government, for example, the DOJ FBI will not enforce the stated laws of the land, the people can.

The people, "your dad" and "your mother" has every right to protect their children, their grandchildren, their homes, their cars and even the windows in the house.

If a window is broken and a crook is crawling through the window call 9 1 1 which is really calling a trained gunfighter to rescue you from harm or even death.  While you're waiting for help, your dad can grab his shotgun and kill the bastard inside your home to protect the homestead.

There is less paperwork if the cop kills the bad guy.  We have millions of people in jail.  Have you ever really thought why their in jail or prison?  

Love the police because they protect you.

Love the constitution because it protects you and your property.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have broken the glass and are trying to steal away your constitutional rights.  Hillary wants your guns, every wonder why a criminal like Hillary Clinton wants to control all your guns by removal while she's surrounded by gunfighters to protect her? 

Obama has pushed the middle class to the limit and Hillary Clinton wants the real brass ring, she wants absolute control, open border, global free trade and don't forget she want's you to buy every Negro a cook stove, you know to save the world.

The Clinton Foundation is a Global Criminal Enterprise run by Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.  The corrupt FBI James Comey will arrest you but won't cuff up the bitch Hillary Clinton.  Bill Clinton can rape women but DOJ Loretta Lynch will never lift a finger because the Clinton's have power, money and influence.

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