Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Fixer The Rat and The Bill and Hillary Clinton Real Story -The smoking gun proof, including 24-years of documents, notes, and journals. The Proven Sins of Hillary Clinton - Cover Ups - Health Crisis - Secrets - Hillary Clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women!

The smoking gun proof, including 24-years of documents, notes, and journals.

I became a fixer, like this other guy you're learning about so I have a lot of ideas how the Clinton's pulled this shit off..kind of doing things for cash, keeping stuff quite , just like the WIKILEAKS emails, my job was to bury things.  In other words I can keep a secret if you pay me cash, and never miss a payment if it's a big secret.  

Facebook and Google are trying to block this story right now, a fixer told me, some may say. 

My story is about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, not the people the main stream media like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, FOX and for sure the New York Times paints the pictures of the Clinton's.  Believe me the media lies, cash and carry secrets.  

Shep Smith is gay, o.k., who knew it and how long did they know it?  
I happen to appreciate Sheppard Smith of FOX so I'm using him as an example, go Shep.  

Who knew about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton fuxking her with a cigar, maybe the supplier in Cuba noticed a big increase in illegal orders?  

You see, there are no secrets.  You think you have secrets, it takes two to Tango, ask Barack Obama and those white chicks.. that's another story maybe for another fixer.

During the 1980s and 1990s, I was working in Hollywood as a reporter for several national magazines and newspapers. Because of my good relationship with stars, publicists and the press I became “a fixer”: someone who helps stars keep embarrassing stories out of the press. 

I helped keep secrets safe for some of Hollywood’s leading men. 

Big shot's hide the truth because you won't like the truth.  

When Bill Clinton was banging Monica he didn't put a notice in the newspaper, it was a really big secret.  When Hillary throws a fit on Bill's ass, somebody knows, the USSS Secret Service.  

When Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met at the airport and all of a sudden the FBI indictment against Hillary dissolved into thin air.. of course somebody knows, it's probably a fixer like me. 

If Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton brokered the deal to set Hillary Clinton free, well, that's four people that know the secret.  The aircraft pilots of both planes most likely know the truth, lets say a stewardess on the flight might have left their cell phone recording in the plane.  I think your getting the idea.

You know about crime stories, cops and robbers, gangsters and crime and people do end up buried in the deserts, who dug the hole.  You moved the body, ask any detective, there is always a trail.  If a gangster pops a cap into some pimp, you gotta cover it up so you know a guy that knows a guy and you hire a fixer to make problems go away, like dead bodies, documents, sex pictures, sex movies or maybe a load of flat screen T.V.'s, even thousands of weapons moving to Syrian Rebels going through Benghazi Libya. 

In 1991, my reputation was such that I was asked to work on behalf of a fast-rising figure on the national stage: Arkansas Gov. William Jefferson Clinton. I attended a meeting in Hollywood where I was told by an intermediary: “There will be a lot of stories coming out in the tabloid press. We want them buried.”

Bill Clinton wanted to be King and that would make Hillary Clinton Queen of the United States.  The two dumb asses didn't finish their history classes as most kings are knocked off or beheaded or something?  

But, Bill Clinton  would need a fixer to bury his past and at least manage his recent past with all the whores, drugs and back door deals.  I laughed when I heard the Clinton's talk about removing the confederate flag, the bastards love Dixie so everything they do has a motive.  Once you're King, you really want to stay King, like FDR Franklin Roosevelt did when he won the third term as President of the United States. The bastard loved the job and his whore and in fact died in the arms of his babe, not his wife, the wife is a Hillary Clinton Idle, in fact Hillary has talked to the Dead Mrs. Franklin, ask her.  She did it inside the White HOuse. 

I was informed that these stories would involve rumors of Bill Clinton‘s many sexual dalliances and an alleged ongoing affair of Hillary Clinton with a male member of her law firm, Vince Foster, as well as a female mover-and-shaker in Hollywood.

Now, I guess you're shocked, Bill Clinton loves to take dips in some nice girl when Hillary is away.. like buying groceries or something. This energizer bunny stuff you're reading about isn't new news it's just the first time that maybe you paid attention.  This bunny bitch has a lot of money,as yes, they were neighbors.  Bill had to have it.

Donald Trump isn't letting Hillary Clinton stop him from making America great again! The presidential candidate is getting revenge on his opponent after she launched a smear campaign against him

Yes, Real Picture Hillary Clinton,
Long Night Hair

PHOTOS: Revenge! Donald Trump Fighting Back Against Hillary Clinton’s Smear Campaign

As a fixer, you have to pay your bills, so I'm not cheap but I have some great secrets that people will pay me millions of dollars just to take a look inside my files, in fact what I know, and what I've shared in case of my death is worth millions of dollars.  

Imagine the fixer, or fixers delivery cash money to people that have Barack Obama's college records, papers and his drug history in a safe inside an empty building somewhere.  It's like finding the torture room in New York City, hundreds of people knew about, just not you. 

For a retainer of $4,000 a month — paid by a third party, not the campaign — I was told to keep these stories hush-hush in one of two ways: by trading access to the Clintons for “positive” interviews, or by paying the reporters.

So if you want a meeting with Obama or Clinton you do me a favor, which would be paying me a hundred thousand bucks and I get you a face to face with the President, easy, done daily.

If some young dick reporter had a solid lead on Hillary's sex life, or a Bill rape victim I just make them happy with cash.  I make deals that they cannot refuse.  A lot of people have been killed, recently, the DNC Murders I guess.  When WikiLeaks leaked that the DNC was corrupt and sold out Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton it was a cash register bell in my mind, they need a fixer, I suppose. 

The payments were always cash, usually delivered in a movie theater or restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, and came in two denominations: $100 for a heads-up that a bad story was coming; or considerably more to kill the piece.

How does some dumb ass get rich, luck.  They find some little nugget of gold and sell it to the highest bidder.  They get a picture of Hillary Clinton laying on the bed inside the USSS Secret Service black van and cash in.  

A publisher might want it or the Clinton's might pay more to bury it forever.  

I guess you knew the black van thing has a nice size bed inside.  

Maybe you heard a rumor about Chelsea's Clinton home has a miniture hospital room for Hillary Clinton, who knows?  Somebody does and it's a fixer. 

Hillary Clinton takes a lot of naps, you can ask Huma Abedin or Cheryl Mills but never ask Bill Clinton, he never gets in bed with Hillary. 

It did not appear that the job would be terribly time-consuming: After all, Hillary reportedly had just one lover, and Bill’s girlfriends were all in the past.

PHOTOS: Hillary’s Lies EXPOSED! Clinton’s Top 5 Debate Whoppers

Not so. The sexual dalliances were ongoing — and so my communications with the West Wing, Air Force One and Camp David continued through 1998 — a stunning length of time when one considers that both the president and the first lady were supposed to be devoting their full energies to the business of the people of the United States!

The gravest example of a Clintonian lack of judgment occurred in March 1994. Presidential brother Roger Clinton was marrying his eight-months-pregnant bride Molly. 

He's Hillary Brother that got the Gold contract in Haiti after the Clinton Foundation got their hooks into the cash flow, always trying to help those poor Negros,well kind of.

There was a bachelor party. Prostitutes were involved. Recordings were made. Recordings involving Bill Clinton.

A picture is really worth 10,000 words and maybe a million bucks.  

The Clinton 's left the White House broke, The Russians have U.S. Uranium, Iran has a Nuclear Program, U.S. troops fighting in Iraq so want's a few pictures? The Clinton Foundation hires a consultant to hire a consultant to hire a guy to pay a guy to get the pictures, a series of Fixer's can produce results, quickly, quiet and easy and you buy the problem back, done every day, you can ask Obama.  He does it with Taxpayer money.. how do you think WikiLeaks Assange internet connection was cut by Ecuado?  Now Hillary and Bill have about $250 million in their pocket, Clinton Foundation took in about $2 Billion dollars, that's a lot of cash in motion, and believe the fixer, they are reasons.

Arrangements for a meeting between Bill and a 26-year-old brunette were discussed when the president was to arrive in Dallas for the ceremony.

It's a fixer day.  Want some pussy, not a problem, date, time and give me the cash.  Bill and Hillary never really touch the cash, a guy to a guy to the fixer. 

You gotta be laughing about all the shit about Donald Trump, wow, 

The Clinton's have balls and everybody has seen them.  They hired fixers to gather up some trailer girls and there you go, not enough time to shake the tree and find the truth before the elections?   Well the fixers know their part of the truth and then the next guy knows the other pieces and there you go, a story. 

PHOTOS: Email Leak Exposes Hillary’s Sick Obsession With Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal

The tape recording was offered, for sale, to The National ENQUIRER. 

A Fixer might need a lot of cash to pay a guy to pay a guy,  It's how the Mafia works and it hasn't changed in a hundred years or so. 

If a fixer needs to pay a bill in Las Vegas or a drug supplier or a cartel member... they don't like to wait.  So maybe Hillary and Bill Clinton owed a fixer some cash, lets say, and the regular monthly payment didn't show up.. well the fixer has all the cards, maybe a picture, maybe a tape recording of Hillary banging out some chick?

Fixers work just like Congress, Extortion or Blackmail, either way they get paid and it's almost always in folding cash like Obama did with Iran.  Send a jet with $1.4 Billion in American Greenbacks and things start to happen.  You can make bombs fall or not.

Money moves, stick it in your pocket, move it around, share it, put it in a safe deposit box, pay some bills, buy a few whores, cash is fun. 

Before the publication and its then-editor could publish a transcript, I swooped in and negotiated for the White House to give this paper exclusive access to the ceremony itself. Not even The Washington Post or The New York Times had that. The ENQUIRER was given leave to publish exclusive White House photographs.

Many people think Hillary Clinton is crooked, well that's about 10 percent of the real story.  Who killed Webb Hubbell?  Who killed Vince Foster?  

Go to this website; Have fun; 

take notes, tell your friends, they must know a couple of fixers?

At the reception, while Bill Clinton sang with the piano player, Hillary was introduced to The ENQUIRER reporter. Her expression fierce, voice tight, she took and tightly held the reporter’s hand and demanded, “Are we done now?” The reporter replied, “Madam First Lady, with this incident, yes.”

Of course, we were not done. This was one of many in an endless string of sexual stories arising from what effectively was the Clintons’ open, poly amorous marriage.

PHOTOS: Leaked Emails Detail Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Health Crisis Cover-Ups

I have kept these secrets for a quarter-century because Bill Clinton had become an elder statesman with heart trouble and Hillary Clinton seemed to be focused, at last, on the business of doing her job — for better or for worse.

I am coming forward now because of the endless attention the alleged indiscretions of Donald Trump have received. Nothing I have heard comes close to the sexual and moral corruption of the Clinton's — many of which have yet to be revealed.

Predictably, the liberal media is focusing on one man’s alleged misdeeds and ignoring another’s proven sins.

PHOTOS: Always On Call — Hillary Clinton Exposed As Demanding Boss From Hell!

I mention some of these here and now because we have only two serious candidates for the presidency. In the few weeks remaining until the election, we should not be weighing whose corruption is worse (the Clinton's win by a landslide, if all were to be told), but who has the best ideas and leadership skills to become president of the United States.

To Be Continued

Fictional Story Telling Mixed with Absolute Facts


Buyer Beware Hillary Clinton could become President


Save America

Save your children


Hillary Clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women!

That’s the blockbuster revelation from a former Clinton family operative who is sensationally breaking ranks with his one-time bosses to speak to The National ENQUIRER in a bombshell 9-page cover story — on newsstands Wednesday.

“I arranged a meeting for Hillary and a woman in an exclusive Beverly Hills hotel,” the man, who was hired by the Clintons, via a Hollywood executive, to cover up their scandals, told The ENQUIRER.

PHOTOS: Revenge! Donald Trump Fighting Back Against Hillary Clinton’s Smear Campaign

“She had come to the studio to see the filming of a movie in 1994.”

“While I was there, I helped her slip out of a back exit for a one-on-one session with the other woman. It was made to look casual, leaving quietly [rather] that being caught up in the melee … but really it was for something presumably more sordid.”

What’s more, it wasn’t just Hillary’s flings with women that the shadowy Mr. Fix It helped to orchestrate!

PHOTOS: Hillary’s Lies EXPOSED! Clinton’s Top 5 Debate Whoppers

Hillary’s former bagman finally confessed to The ENQUIRER just how he helped her to cover up her affair with married lover Vince Foster, too!

The shadowy figure — who provided PROOF of his employment for the Clintons — also revealed 12 fixes he covered-up, including:

+ How Hillary secretly plotted to a counter-attack on Bill’s mistress Monica Lewinsky — via a document buried for two decades!

PHOTOS: Leaked Emails Detail Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Health Crisis Cover-Ups

+ What crooked reporters were on the take from the Clinton camp!

+ How he covered up Bill’s seedy romp with hookers!

+ Which A-list celebrity had a secret affair with Bill during his presidency!

PHOTOS: Crooked Hillary’s Lies EXPOSED! Clinton’s 13 Most Infamous Scandals — So Far

In the bombshell exposé, The ENQUIRER will reveal the fixer’s dossier of smoking gun proof, including 24-years of documents, notes, and journals.

He also tells his “Confessions of a Clinton bagman!” story — in his own words — for the very first time!

Hillary Clinton and the fat cats at Goldman Sachs secretly cooperated to hide their relationship from Americans!

That’s the latest revelation from today’s Wikileaks email dump. has uncovered a series of emails between Clinton’s camp and the higher-ups at the notorious banking firm, showing the Democratic nominee is more closely intertwined with GS than she lets on.

PHOTOS: Kiddie Porn, Sex Toys & Worse: Clinton Pal Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Palace Revealed

In one email from April 27, 2015 the head of corporate communications for Goldman Sachs, Jake Siewert, offered up a useful piece of information to Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s current director of communications.

“This is a piece of Goldman research on the current state of the US economy that will probably get some pick-up,” Siewert wrote.

“The WSJ is writing on it this evening and will probably publish tonight on line,” Siewert continued.

PHOTOS: Obama’s Half-Brother SLAMS System & Supports Trump After Hillary Clinton Email Leak

He then added that Palmieri might want to “pass along to the economic team. I suspect Democrats will appreciate the part that talks about how smaller firms are being left behind by big companies.”

Clinton’s team responded with, “Good Stuff.”

But the cozy relationship doesn’t end there. Disturbingly, Siewert vetted press requests with Clinton’s team!

PHOTOS: Hillary’s Lies EXPOSED! Clinton’s Top 5 Debate Whoppers

In one email from October 2015, Siewert passed along a message from Jeff Gerth, an investigative reporter for Pro Publica, who was inquiring about “the finances of the Clintons.” Gerth added that he wanted to speak with Timothy Paul, a former director at Citigroup and current CFO at Goldman Sachs who worked with the Clintons.

Siewert told Gerth he did not know Paul, but said he would “check in and see whether he’s willing to chat about that chapter of history.”

Siewert then turned around and secretly forwarded the conversation to Palmieri writing, “Can only imagine what this is all about. Wanted to make sure you were aware.” Palmieri thanked him for the tip.

PHOTOS: Leaked Emails Detail Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Health Crisis Cover-Ups

Possibly the most startling of all the emails dates back to December 2013, when a reporter named Mike Dorning contacted Siewert to inquire about the role former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta “played in Clinton 2nd term push to use executive actions to further agenda.”

Siewert sent the inquiry directly to Podesta writing, “Guidance? I can make stuff up but happy to emphasize whatever you’d like.”

“Was thinking of stressing the deep knowledge and expertise around executive power and what can be done independent of congressional action,” he wrote.

PHOTOS: Always On Call — Hillary Clinton Exposed As Demanding Boss From Hell!

Siewert’s forwarded message illustrated the potential censoring of reporting that Clinton’s camp engaged in before and during her bid for the White House.

Hillary Clinton has slammed Donald Trump for his outrageous tweets, but can reveal that she isn’t even writing all of hers!

A cringeworthy email exchange uncovered by Radar in the latest Wikileaks dump shows a committee of Clinton aides painstakingly arguing a hashtag that had been proposed for a Tweet by Clinton.

The chain, from April 2015 begins with Peter Colavito, chief of staff at the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), writing to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, “We are really hoping the Secretary will react, through social media or however you see fit, to the incredible day of action that just kicked off to spotlight the crisis of underpaid work in the economy.”

PHOTOS: Putting Her Best Face Forward! Hillary Clinton Had Plastic Surgery
The email was sent during the “Fight for 15” in which domestic workers rallied to demand a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour, sparking a thread within the Clinton campaign that tried to come up with the best possible tweet to address the issue.

Clinton’s digital director, Katie Dowd wrote a draft: “Team – how is this? Every American deserves a fair shot at success with a true living wage. I stand with fast food workers in the #fightfor15. —H”

But it took several more emails to settle on 140 characters or less.

“I’m worried it is too strong. Don’t want her to come out for $15 at this stage,” another staffer wrote. “Instead of standing with them, better to applaud them? How about: Every American deserves a fair shot at success with a true living wage. I applaud fast food workers in their #fightfor15. —H”

PHOTOS: Clinton Cover-Up? 5 Shocking Revelations From Hillary’s Email Audit
It’s likely no surprise that some politicians don’t always write their own tweets, but as the message was clearly signed “H,” does that constitute intentional subterfuge?

Beyond that murky issue, the email chain sheds light on an even more controversial revelation: Clinton is not fully on board with the $15 federal minimum wage goal that is part of the DNC platform.

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio sent an email to Clinton advisor Neera Tanden and Podesta in early April 2015, asking if Clinton’s campaign would agree with some of his income inequality plans, one of which was the $15 federal minimum wage.

Tanden advised against it, writing, “Substantively, we have not supported $15 — you will get a fair number of liberal economists who will say it will lose jobs,” and “Most of rest seems fine (obviously trade sticks out). Politically, we are not getting any pressure to join this from our end. I leave it to you guys to judge what that means for you. But I’m not sweating it.”

PHOTOS: 10 Shocking Revelations From Hillary Clinton’s Latest Email Leak
Only two weeks later, thousands of U.S. workers demanded $15 an hour minimum wage. “Some 60,000 workers took part in the Fight for $15 demonstrations, according to the organizers,” The Guardian reported.

Clinton had opposed a $15 minimum wage throughout her primary, insisting in its place a federal minimum wage of $12 an hour. “However, the $15 minimum wage made it into the Democratic Party’s presidential platform — with the support of Tanden, who was a Clinton appointee to the platform committee,” according to the Intercept.

These emails show her initial uncertainty on the topic, however.

Bryan Pagliano worked as an IT specialist for the former secretary of state and is reportedly the one who helped set up her private server. As such, he’s been fingered as a potentially “devastating witness” against his former boss.

But according to conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, Pagliano refused to answer any questions, invoking the Fifth Amendment more than 125 times during the 90-minute deposition.

PHOTOS:‘Erratic & Violent:’ Clinton Terrorized White House Staff, Says Secret Service Agent

“It was a sad day for government transparency,” a Judicial Watch official said.

Pagliano’s silence could still incriminate Clinton, however. Judges can draw inferences in certain civil cases based on the refusal to answer questions, which could lead to a deposition with Clinton herself.

Though the deposition transcript is set to be released next week, Clinton found herself in more trouble on Wednesday as emails obtained and reviewed by The Associated Press showed that the State Department intentionally disabled security features leaving the server vulnerable to hackers.

PHOTOS: Decades Of Deceit! How Hillary Helped Bill Cover-Up 36 Extramarital Affairs — Is Trump Right?

The AP reported that in December 2010 State Department officials disabled software “to block phishing emails that could deliver dangerous viruses.”

Hackers did infiltrate the server, causing one of Clinton’s top aides, Huma Abedin, to send an email saying: “Don’t email hrc (Clinton) anything sensitive. I can explain more in person.”

The emails were released Wednesday under a court order from Judicial Watch. After disabling some security features, senior State Department official, Thomas W. Lawrence warned in an email that, “We view this as a Band-Aid and fear it’s not 100 percent fully effective.”

PHOTOS: Hillary Out Of Control! Clinton’s Nastiest Moments Caught On Camera

Though Clinton has repeatedly denied her private server was hacked, a 2011 email reveals that an IT staffer wrote, “someone was trying to hack us.” In the same day, he sent an email saying, “We were attacked again so I shut (the server) down for a few min.”


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Since then, notorious Romanian hacker Guccifer has claimed he easily breached the server in 2013, and a copycat who calls himself Guccifer 2.0 claims to have hacked into Democratic National Committee servers exposing a plethora of top-secret information on Clinton and her strategies.

The Clinton camp has denied they were breached.

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