Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Saturday, February 25, 2017

DNC Democratic Party - Radicals - Exclusive Report. The spine-chilling hard left moves of the DNC Democratic party has nothing to do with a friendly dinner among Americans, it's about the total destruction of the United States.

Exclusive Report.  The spine-chilling hard left moves of the DNC Democratic party has nothing to do with a friendly dinner among Americans, it's about the total destruction of the United States.

You can be sure there are men in Moscow Russia that are cheering along the DNC Democratic Party as the Democrats march like little wooden soldiers into a complete disaster.

The pudgy Hollywood elites are making bad movies but their talking points are clearly socialist progressive approaching communism.

The faceless Russian operatives are everywhere in America with a concentration in major urban welfare areas like New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles as the ranking DNC Democratic Progressive Socialists elite gather in the nation's capitol Washington D.C.

You can be sure behind the Hollywood mask there is a progressive socialist communist operative taking orders from their DNC Democratic Party spy masters Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros and many others.

The DNC Democratic Party is planning an all out war against the traditional constitutional republic of the United States and Barack Obama and his Organizing for Action is the newest internal terrorist threat.

Many disturbing reports have warned you about the progressive socialists inside the DNC Democratic Party Washington D.C. Elites and they should concern you and your family.

The media, the main stream media cartels like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times along with CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC are truly the enemy of the honest citizen of America.

We have internal threats from inside our own government working against a free America using fast talking points with the media giants like the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and others pushing the narrative fast and glibly that you know as FAKE NEWS.

Donald Trump being elected President of the United States because of your brave and ingenious support is dedicated to saving the United States at a breathtaking pace.

The daily espionage against America is from the inside of our government and such operatives must be rooted out and punished by law and jailed.

Yes, there is truly a shadow government as Wikileaks proved by taking every honest citizen on a journey inside the DNC Democratic Party and their own secret hierarchy.

Criminals and socialist operatives have infiltrated every level of government; local, county, state and at the federal level.

This shadow, secret, deep state infiltration has been taking place for many years, most likely decades.  FBI undercover agents are swarming all over every part of our government looking for the criminals that are leaking government documents.

The New York Times and CNN seem to be the primary villains as they are receiving leaked government documents.  The last tip-off is the FAKE NEWS that CNN distributed along with the New York Times about government leadership having secret communications with the FBI, which was proven fully false.

President Donald Trump is pointing his accusing finger at CNN and the New York Times and the people stand with him.

CNN and the New York Times has been unmasked and now we all know that Wikileaks was just the tip of the giant corrupt and crime ridden DNC Democratic Party ice-berg.

Wikileaks gave us a timely warning and just in time to save the nation from Hillary Clinton and her crime ridden associates.

The double edged Clinton Foundation is a global crime organization and the primary partners Bill and Hillary Clinton should be arrested as they compromised the entire nation and sold every honest citizen out for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now in association the radical socialist Barack Obama, already compromised, is leading the charge to destroy America by using and funding his Organizing for Action.

You can be sure that Barack Obama and his Organizing for America is picking up tens of millions of dollars from behind the curtains of Hollywood and other unguarded radicals.

So as you watch the DNC Democratic Party deem new party leaders remember they're coming for you and your family

As you watch the riots inside town hall meetings remember they are being organized by very smart criminals to use very ignorant citizens to establish a socialist state.

This is the communist order of things.  Gather the poor and promise them wealth.  The socialist state promises their way to power and then takes everything, from everybody, me and you.

We have an unguarded border for a Democratic reason, the illegal aliens support the D.N.C. and they are being sheltered inside sanctuary cities controlled by the criminal Democrats.  The millions of illegal aliens count in the 10 year census and give power to the states that hide illegal aliens.

Pay little attention to the main stream media, they are biased in favor of the DNC for cash and political reasons.

You are a small fish, they will put you in a hot pan.

President Trump is changing their results, not their plot.

Their crimes came as a shock but not a real surprise.

Yes, you are surrounded at work and in public by subversives, be on guard, you are the target and the propagandists at the New York Times and CNN are at full speed trying to hold onto their corrupt power.

Organizing for Action, The New York Times and CNN are front organizations for a global wave of crimes against the people.

Pay attention, They are eloquent liars.

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