Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

LSD confirmed inside Congress of the United States. A Swiss chemist visiting the white marbled domed building in Washington D.C.

LSD confirmed inside Congress of the United States.  A Swiss chemist visiting the white marbled domed building in Washington D.C., that we simply call the  Capitol, where the Congress meets, where the legislature makes the laws, and government offices are housed LSD has been discovered. The sickness caused by LSD had clearly spread, the White House situation room started to fill, Coke's on ice and Generals waiting on President Donald Trump. The Democratic Jack Ass named Queenie was clearly out to pasture, the DNC Democratic Party was now the socialist party, they were sick and the sickness had spread..

The Swiss chemist leaving his laboratory just three days before was overcome by the peculiar mental sensations caused by LSD as he became restless, felt disembodied and had trouble concentrating on his guided tour. 

The Swiss doctor wished to be left unnamed but he described the kaleidoscopic coloring that flitted through his mind's eye and described the dreamlike state he felt had only one chemical source, LSD.  Each DNC Democratic name on this list was now subject to medical testing, LSD testing was clearly needed even though the President thought it was a waste of money.  Boycotting Senate hearings was an alarming sign for the voters.. something..

This LSD disturbance has been studied by the good doctor for over thirty years and it's affective influence on human beings.

The long name, d-lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate, or simply LSD for short put the Capitol police on high alert as LSD can produce psychotic symptoms in mere seconds once liquefied and then vaporized and released into the air.

Intensely interested the Capitol police contacted DHS Department of Homeland Security, DOD Department of Defense, FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation as the group then suggested to the White House that there was a possible big problem at the Capitol.  President Trump already knew that something made a Democrat, they didn't need a drug so the Swiss Doctor might be a nut job..

White House officials have been worried for years concerning a terrorist attack from several Islamic Radical Jihadist countries and officials responded quickly but keep the news away from CNN and even the New York Times.

The Swiss doctor explained to investigators that LSD can produce long term mental illness and a psychoses that makes people mad, happy, sad or even cry while laughing.  A psychotic person, the Doctor explained, goes through a mental change depending on the dose and changes everything he/she feels or thinks and disrupts the entire body chemistry.

Experts were connected by phone conference from the situation room inside the White House as the story developed minute by minute.  The leading chemical experts from the Boston Psychopathic Clinic confirmed the Swiss Doctors preliminary findings and real life observations.  Why would so many Democrats not show up for work, ignore radicals burning down the campus in California, allow murdering to continue in Chicago.. 

As expected the FBI, CIA, DOD, DIA and the NSA created and started the elaborate plan to quickly evacuate the Capitol area and a systematic investigation started and biochemical experts were being flown in by the U.S. Military and the CDC Center for Disease Control Atlanta to examine what appeared to be healthy members of Congress and their staff.

The interesting part is that observations started to tie in with different parts of the Capitol building.  Strikingly the DNC Democratic offices located inside the Capitol per CDC Doctor only known as Doctor Daniel indicated by observation something experts call nor-adrenalin. 

What type of political party would kill their own people? Who knew the truth, was there a truth to be found, who killed the DNC employees after Wikileaks?  Did anybody care? 

In the emotional sense it concerns the physiology of fear and anger.  It's a medical fact that has been proven by research and testing that people who repress their anger liberate a great abundance of an adrenalin type substance and become depressed, while people that release their anger release more nor-adrenalin.

Science agrees that LSD affects the adrenalin system.

The White House situation room was linked to the video call by Doctor Daniel and the visiting Swiss Doctor.

President Donald Trump was also inside the situation room and he noticed by video that Democrats were restless, showed slight tremors, indicated weakness and sweating which meant they were clearly under the influence of something.

The Swiss Doctor almost screamed LSD when President Trump wanted to know "what's the big deal here?"

President Trump didn't yell back but everybody in the room noticed that he started typing on the secure desktop computer in the corner and they knew he hit "Twitter" because he did yell, "somebody bring me a Coke".

Twitter; "Could Schumer be the LSD mastermind inside the DNC?"

President Trump sent this out to 24 million Twitter followers and told the general to start his phone stop watch.

Everybody in the room was now listening to Donald Trump talk and a Naval assistant tuned in CNN as ordered.

Twitter; "Schumer orders Democrats to avoid hearings."
Twitter; "Schumer is restless, weak, sweating, clear sign of LSD inside Democratic caucus."

Twitter; "Schumer at later stage of LSD addiction, irritation, hostility, anxiety, apprehension."

Twitter; "DNC Obama Schumer Clinton orders withdraw of Democratic Representatives from Senate hearings."

Twitter; Democrats withdraw, GOP reality show moves forward, DNC apathy, lethargy and confusion, signs of LSD abuse."

The General spoke with confidence.

"CNN reporting that confusion inside Congress is the result of LSD chemical exposure by unknown but foreign suspects."

President Trump smiled and sipped his iced Coca-Cola.

The General;  "It took one minute and thirty seven seconds Mr. President.   The articulate CNN had their breaking story on the internet and the T.V. talkers were talking.

Real news had lost its meaning as ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and the internet version of the New York Times filled the wires with unreality news, fake news.

Yes, it was confirmed.

The Democratic Party suffered from LSD exposure.

LSD Low Slow Democrat

The White House situation room went back to normal, everybody grabbed a Coke and pushed back their chairs.

The main stream media was completely wild.

People, by the millions were affected by the unnatural LSD political drug created Low Slow Democrat's.

The LSD Low Slow Democrats changed their personality, their perceptions and even their cognition as their emotions built up before they started lying to the American people again.

LSD, Low Slow Democrats were usually impaired, lacked the ability to concentrate and create lies and complex associations to fool the American people.

The Swiss Doctor was flown home, and the agencies were told to relax and stand down as the American people once again learned that the DNC and their underlying attitudes were focused on ruling over people, under the influence, LSD Low Slow Democrats were failing, not showing up, no insight, no courage for America.

The American people hired the DNC Democratic Party representatives to do a job, but they are no shows.

Schumer is clarifying nothing - LSD Low Slow Democrat

Schumer is confusing -

Schumer is verbalizing un-American

President Trump knew that most Democrats fall under the LSD Low Slow Democratic social and cultural curse.

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