Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

She was a waitress, the early days with Bill Clinton, The Truck Stop Waitress will never forget, Anne left him but he stalked her, the cops were there, the boss on the phone and Bill Clinton walks through the front door, that son of a bitch

She was a waitress, and she didn't want to be reminded by the asshole at table 19 as he got up without leaving her a tip, he does it every morning - slurping his coffee - checking out her ass, the cheap bastard.  The place would fill with truck drivers, off duty cops and cheap girls, Anne wanted to do better, she was better, she hoped, 

Anne was in her early thirties something and she was way too old to serve jerk off's and mean enough to kick his ass but it was more fun to slam his empty coffee cup in the dirty dish plastic bucket as she wiped up his coffee drips.

Even at this time of morning Anne put on her waitress smile and picked up the plastic bucket and slammed it under the counter so the bus boy smoking in the kitchen could hear the racket.

Anne was oblivious to the country music playing but for some reason she could hum every song.

She was humming along to the song she hated and realized she should have stayed a housewife with that truck driving fool she married.

He would drive all night and wanted sex every morning right after Anne made his breakfast.

Three years and two months of breakfast table sex might be better than this hell hole called Galaxy Diner Truck Stop, off route 11, the main road to nowhere and Anne was stuck on this one way road.

She remembers Billy tossing his coffee cup into the clean kitchen sink every morning and leaving all the dirty breakfast dishes on the table, stuff he didn't eat moved to one side, toast crumbs all over the table and sure the A.M. radio playing country music, telling us the weather.

Anne would be running around in her nightgown and the A.M. radio playing and Billy would walk right past her and turn on the T.V. and at that moment in time she became wallpaper unless he wanted to have sex or wanted his after breakfast beer.

Billy called Anne last night from a pay phone and told her that he would be late, delayed at a delivery, it was raining, the boss was mad at him and that he hated his stupid job, driving a truck was too much work, he was going back to construction when it rained he could stay at home and work on his old pickup truck.

What Billy didn't know on this particular morning Anne had her bags packed and the little housewife was gone when he left for work tonight.

She married a man named Billy and he was a good husband through the honeymoon and maybe the first few months.  Now Anne realized that she married a child for God's sake as she watched Billy watch T.V. with his driving boots on the coffee table, realizing she was about to cry again, she had been crying for days.
Anne was close to a nervous breakdown because she learned all about it by watching Dr. Phil on afternoon T.V.

Anne had been stealing about fifty dollars a week for months now, checking out the newspaper want ad's and the women's magazine articles were helping her cope with life and Billy.

Billy thought Anne was out of her mind most of the time as she wanted to buy a little place down the road, the one with the big oak tree but as Billy said; "he couldn't handle the weight".

Him and his friend Darryl always had money for beer and used truck parts and it wasn't like Anne wanted to buy a mansion.

But Anne knew one thing, when Billy called her late at night saying he was being delayed it meant he was getting laid at some playboy truck stop with some damn waitress.

About five or six months ago Billy called Anne explaining another delay at the port and Anne asked him for the phone number.

"You can't call me back Anne, I'm at work, I had to beg to use the damn phone"  Anne remembers hanging up and going to the living room and wondered why Billy was cheating, that was the night she started crying in the dark and she really hasn't stopped yet.   

Anne planned to leave all the cheap fake jewelry that Billy had bought for her but she decided to sell it on Ebay and keep the money.

Looking at him now, "Billy, you better hurry and get to bed, you've seen that old movie anyway".

Billy stopped at the lowest stair step and leaned against the banister and gave her that look that he wanted some truck stop sex.

She looked back at him "I'll get back to you Billy" was all that Anne said. 

Anne slept on the couch that night and kept her panties on when she heard Billy trotting down the stairs a few hours later.  The son-of-a-bitch was just dripping in his man jewelry which Anne knew must mean date night for Billy, another sex delay.

That was the last time Anne would see Billy except at the court house with him wearing his truck driver blue jeans as she wore a nice pair of polyester paints to impress the judge.

"I'm sorry baby doll, can I have some coffee?"

"Uh-huh" was all Anne could mumble.

"Thanks Hon!"  the man said to Anne.

Anne must have been in a daze and lost in thought, there she was at the Galaxy Diner Truck Stop with this gorgeous man looking straight at her and seemingly hollering for coffee.

"I'm sorry, I was kind of thinking about stuff." Anne was a little embarrassed as she started mumbling again "Sorry Doll, it's been one of those mornings."

Anne turned and poured his coffee and for some reason she never saw the gun pointing at her before it was too late.

This guy better not be a lady killer she thought when she noticed his adjustment to his pistol as Anne watched with some approval, he pointed the pistol away from her.

"Hon, can I have some cream and sugar please."

"What!"  Anne's legs were getting weaker by the second.

"Cream and Sugar Anne!"   "For my Coffee."

"Hon, how about the cash in the register, kind of real quite if you don't mind."  The gorgeous man was smiling at her not like the guy at table 19 earlier.

"What!"  "What did you say mister?"

"Anne, get me all the cash."  "I don't give a shit Anne so keep your head about you." "If you do exactly what I say Anne you'll be home in time for dinner and maybe your face in the newspaper."  The man glanced around trying to forget he just became a criminal.

"What!, O.K. I got it I'll be right back, right back O.K., no big deal, relax."  Finally ready to do what the robber wanted Anne's legs just about gave away but managed her way to the cash register and put all the folding money in both her hands.

Anne put all the cash in his Wal-Mart bag as he directed and he leaned over the counter and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"You really did good Anne." He tucked his pistol back inside his coat pocket and looked around the almost empty truck stop diner.

"Bye Anne, and don't wait up, it's going to be a long day for me."

"What!" It was about all Anne could muster for a sentence as she watched the man walk to the door and walk into the parking lot.

"See ya!"  Anne almost shouted and suddenly realized she had been robbed at gunpoint.

Anne saw the blue 1967 Corvette burn rubber as the robber pulled out on the main road out front.

It would be something she would forget in about twelve minutes when the Sheriff asked her a thousand or more questions.
"I've got nothing else, except I about shit my pants."  Anne looked shook up so the Sheriff said she needed a little break and he would be back in a minute.

The boss was on the phone with the truck stop owner and then Anne got another surprise, Billy walked through the door, wearing those same blue jeans, making her want to run away.

Billy Clinton, that son-of-a-bitch was coming to her rescue. 
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