Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Friday, February 3, 2017

The New Australian Gitmo Style Holding Facility on Cuba - A Deplorable Idea - Australian Prison Camps to dump prisoners on America - Turnball Pissed Off Trump Pissed Off - The Barack Obama Kerry Clinton Legacy, Around the World

Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton are socialist idiot's and surely they will all retire to the Communist Island of Cuba and play with Fidel's grandchildren.  Donald Trump has been proven right, over and over again.  Barack Obama was ignorant and liked it that way, make his secret deals, deliver plane loads of hard cash, empty GITMO and yes, take the illegal aliens off the hands of the Australian people, but keep it hush hush.

President Donald Trump called it again, that was a dumb deal and the American people should scream bloody murder, Australia put these same poor dumb lazy ignorant refugee's in prison camps outside of Australia, like little GITMO'S and Turnball got the best of Barack Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.  Our U.S. State Department operates by bribing our friends and droning our enemies. 

Now for John McCain, he's got to play national politics as his state fills up with illegal aliens.  His little girl on FOX is starting to creep people out, loud, forceful and wrong, the McCain brand.

The Australian Refugee problem will cost Americans hundreds of millions of dollars so Donald Trump, really, should place everyone of them in a Gitmo for refugees until they learn English, and enter America on legal terms. 

Australian Refugee's hire to build the southern wall.


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