Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Simply, a Spy Within - Our enemies within are not safely hidden - General Flynn Affair - The Iceberg If this was during war times, the information leakers would be put to death at dawn before a firing squad.

The not so Secret War inside our own government, precious stolen information is being sent around the world by insiders inside our own government.  Let there be no doubt the foremost spy hunters are now looking for the people that leaked the top secret information concerning General Flynn.

Simply, a Spy Within, most likely dozens of government employees have set up their own secure communication systems to dump top secrets from inside the White House and other Government agencies at all levels, this is called Treason.
The act of sending precious stolen documents to outsiders within the main stream media places the entire country in danger, these wireless spy's must be caught, put on trial and placed in federal prison within days, not months or years.
The General Flynn affair uncovered the plot of insiders to betray their oath and harm President Donald Trump and destroy the United States from within...
These enemies within are not safely hidden, all communications will leave a trail, the fatal weakness for all traitors.
If this was during war times, the information leakers would be put to death at dawn before a firing squad.

Experts have already detected White House leaks, and the numbers seem to be astounding, stealing government information is illegal and the Flynn affair has startled the nation.
The main stream media; ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN in conjunction with socialist newspapers like The New York Times have already proven that all their tactics are designed to destroy President Donald Trump, for political gain.
The NSA FBI DOJ DOD DHS USSS CIA  and others are now fully aware of the prowlers and are active in rounding up the criminals.
Unprecedented in peace time, our government employees, are unlocking safes of information, stealing confidential papers and eavesdropping on conversations inside the White House and then leaking what they learn to slow or stop President Donald Trump.
Failed President Barack Obama has organized again, to fight against America and the unsuspecting citizens to secure his legacy and continue the march to a socialist America.
The world is now preparing for war on several different fronts so these government leaker's and spies are arming the enemy because they are surely leaking government war plans.
Government employees are sending secret text messages from their desks to outsiders, containing vital information purloined from government files and other records.
Their messages are encoded and cannot be read but the trail of encoded messages are the secret, everything is captured by the NSA so no matter how madly ambitious the traitors may be they will be caught.
We've all seen the old movies and have watched master spies using hidden radio's, encoded telegrams, secret ink, pigeon's and even tiny rolls of tissue paper with microscopic writing.
Today is easier, nothing to conceal, you have a cell phone and text service, your phone encodes the message, meaning nothing can be read without security keys on both ends. You can send a thousand documents to CNN in a matter of three seconds, thousands of pictures and hours of video with a touch of a button.
It's time to hunt the traitors.
It's time for the media to name the traitors.
It's time that all government force be applied.
It's past time that you care.
This is not entertainment, this is spying and working against the United States Government, your government.
These traitors repeat things they hear over lunch, that one page document left in the copier and dishonorably they sell it or give it to the main stream media.
The traitor pretends.  They allege to care about America.  It could be a Naval officer, a note lifted from a desk drawer, a safe left open during lunch, a thumb drive filled with war plans, the wife of a security guard, a leading supervisor inside the NSA, the most trusted person working every day in the West Wing of the White House.
The DNC Democratic Party has already been proven to be a crime organization along with their stealthy friends in the media.
WikiLeaks proved that the entire DNC Democratic Party is crooked so when the sun rises the FBI should be interviewing Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, CNN Executives along with ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and other global criminals.
Ask the questions under oath.
As the questions this week.
Every leak weakens the nation and the traitors are camouflaged as honest hard working government employees.  They have a master and its most likely operatives of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton through some foreign connections.
Angrily, the notes of the leakers are in code but their hidden struggle as traitors has been uncovered due to General Flynn.
These acts are not shrouded in mystery.
It is now spy hunters against the spy, between expert code writers and cryptographers, code-readers and cryptanalysts.
It could be the gal in the mailroom, the armed guard at the door, the man collecting towels for the laundry and ultimately they will be caught and spend the rest of their natural life in a federal prison.

When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.

Since Donald Trump’s election, this little-known but well-funded protesting arm has beefed up staff and ramped up recruitment of young liberal activists, declaring on its website, “We’re not backing down.” Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy, it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, ObamaCare, race relations and climate change.

Obama is intimately involved in OFA operations and even tweets from the group’s account. In fact, he gave marching orders to OFA foot soldiers following Trump’s upset victory.

“It is fine for everybody to feel stressed, sad, discouraged,” he said in a conference call from the White House. “But get over it.” He demanded they “move forward to protect what we’ve accomplished.”

 How Obama is bankrolling a nonstop protest against invented outrage
How Obama is bankrolling a nonstop protest against invented outrage

“Now is the time for some organizing,” he said. “So don’t mope.”
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