Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Monday, February 20, 2017

FBI Donald Trump Threats - Agenda 25, Murder in the White House. - Even hard left socialist Democratic progressives like Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) Rep. Jackie Spier (D-CA) with Rep. Blumenauer using baseless allegations about Trump’s mental health as the springboard to invoke the 25th Amendment in a floor speech. They want President Donald Trump Dead, a political death, the worst kind.

It's where Andy Ledger always started a criminal murder investigation, at the very beginning. Random questions running through his mind; Did Hillary Clinton really have a hit list? Did Kim Jong-un of North Korea his brother?  Does CNN really have a political agenda?  Is the DNC being taken over by communist radicals?  Is the United States going to put troops on the ground in Syria?  What's the deal with the Russian ship off the U.S. East Coast. 

Andy knew this was more fake stuff, spread around like on the farm, he could smell the pony.  A lot of the news was just political hack jobs with enough bits of truth them keep people reading.
Nothing in these files except a long night and cold coffee, but he kept reading the junk, the plot to get rid of the President of the United States and other current events. Protests everywhere, hate spreading, blacks killing blacks, coal mines starting up, Iran getting their nuclear missiles.  
Andy knew that someone had to benefit if the President shows up as a dead man down by the river or even inside the White House. Maybe it was a rumor, maybe they were after some GOP Senator, maybe the whole thing was a fake move?  They had to have a fall guy.  Who would take the blame?  Maybe a Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or some big shot at the NAACP?

Andy knew something was up, but this stuff was garbage until he started taking his notes and drawing on his legal pad. Keeping up with the news is about impossible but keeping up with all these classified findings from DHS, CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA and others was impossible. 
Andy knew after almost thirty years of F.B.I. investigations that once a plot or murder plan is established people start to get nervous and start talking.  Somebody knew the truth if it was out there.  Somebody would take some cash in the form of a federal reward for information.  Some Islamic Radical would sell them out for a flame thrower, you never really knew. 
He also knew if he made once false move their evil plot and plan could become a reality. He didn't have a lot of time per the F.B.I. Director, in less the 72 hours they plan to kill the President of the United States, or not.
It was Andy's job and thousands of others to make sure Donald Trump was safe every minute of his life. 
Maybe it had already stated, the Russian U.N. ambassador was already dead and the North Korean leaders brother Kim Jong-Nam is dead in Malaysia and his little brother's North Korean Foreign Minister Lee Su-yong says that North Korea will not hesitate to use a nuclear weapon against South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and even the United States.
China cut off all North Korean Coal imports and refused to buy North Korean Coal which forced Pyongyang North Korea into a state of rage and worry.
North Korean President Kim Jong-un continued to threaten the United States and also continues to fire off his newly developed solid fuel missiles threatening all their neighbors as China reaches out in the China Sea and continues to build man-made islands to expand their military reach.
It's been over twenty five years since the Soviet Union collapsed and Vladimir Putin refuses to let the curtain close, he wants the Russian Empire back and he's sending military troops into Syria, Cuba, Africa and other places.
Andy Ledger knew and so did the F.B.I. Director that the past will repeat itself and it was unfolding in the headlines around the world.
New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago continue their protesting today, "Not My President's Day Rally" is the far lefts attempt to remove the President of the United States.
Even hard left socialist Democratic progressives like Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) Rep. Jackie Spier (D-CA) with Rep. Blumenauer using baseless allegations about Trump’s mental health as the springboard to invoke the 25th Amendment in a floor speech. They want President Donald Trump Dead, a political death, the worst kind.
Worldwide the people are starting to stand up with BREXIT and now the election of a populist American President and with the cruelest Soviet Union gone it seems American Progressives want to build another collective paradise on earth.
These are not revolutionary leaders, these are brutal leaders that plan to destroy the voice of the American voters some say in the special F.B.I. brief that Andy Ledger just tossed on his patio table as he lit one more cigarette.
Andy Ledger didn't take the talk about invoking the 25th Amendment very seriously by these DNC nut jobs, but he knew a lot about the socialist communist system of controlling the news, talking big, beating their tribal drums, creating class enemies, even feeding every American home FAKE News.
Someone had calculated all these current events and he was determined to find the truth and do it quickly.
The secret Soviet Russian archives had been computer hacked years ago and all the old KGB plots and plans revealed that maybe 68 million innocents had been murdered by various means during their 75 year socialist communist experiment.
Radicals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Bill Clinton, George Soros and thousands of others wanted a new civilization conjured up in their minds over drinks in Washington D.C.
Their brave new world didn't bother with typical state borders, and wanted open trade to transfer wealth around the globe.
Their evil forced creation of legal drugs, open borders, open trade, sanctuary cities and more are now doomed as President Donald Trump is the new Captain America and he is the bull in the China shop and there's no end in sight.
Andy Ledger worked on the special assignment; DNC Murders when four DNC associates were murdered soon after WikiLeaks dumped thousands of emails revealing the double dealing and plotting of the Democratic Party at the highest levels.

Many of these people are willing to sacrifice the entire population of American for their vision, humanity and morality removed from government equals Tyranny, Andy knew all about utopian dreams, he worked for a living.

Andy took out his legal pad and drew a picture of what he thought was a treacherous web of motives and suspicions. Using his decades of experience and his intuition in play he knew he could solve this murder mystery, at least that was his plan at the moment.
On his patio table the dozens of files stood nearby just like the agents that delivered them, but they were not talking, they were guarding the files, not Andy.
Becoming totally immersed in the files and looking at every scrap, every lead, every current event he determined that this was a worldwide game, maybe a fantasy threat, maybe just politics but some of these characters might be for real.
Like a show on Broadway or maybe wrestling on T.V. these prominent third rate politicians were simply trying to kill the reputation of Donald Trump, they wanted him to live forever just not inside the White House.
Just like in High School the little Democratic gangs are trying their best to be heard, change the course of the election and get President Trump out of the gold mine. They all want to be seen on T.V. and you can be sure ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and maybe even FOX News would join the wrestling match.
Yes, its all fiction,

Not True
Junk Writing

The Truth be told here;

It’s the middle of February and the soft coup against the Trump administration continues.
A “soft coup” is a coordinated effort to delegitimize or undermine a lawfully elected official.
Taken from the French phrase “coup d’état,” which translates to a strike at the State — a coup may be violent or not. In the latter case, it is a “soft coup.” Traditionally, soft coups are the stuff of Latin American political conspiracy theories and paperback novels.
Soft coups include actions of senior government officials refusing to carry out their roles in critical tasks, or otherwise acting in opposition to the letter or spirit of the law to diminish or remove de facto power from those who would otherwise legally wield it.
That’s interesting – isn’t it?  Any recent circumstances like that?  Can you foresee any on the horizon?
In 2017, propaganda is a powerful tool for shaping public opinion.  Politicized news media can be complicit in the scheme of the soft coup by engaging in false and misleading reporting, or acting as the propaganda arm of the political opposition.
Suppose the news media advanced a false narrative to sensationalize and controversialize a government official.  What about unsourced whispering campaigns?
Sound familiar?  It should.  It’s time to ask yourself some questions:
Have you seen a marked increase in supposed “news” stories attributed to anonymous sources?  How about references to multiple, purportedly confirming anonymous sources?
Anonymous sources can be important and used legitimately – but not exclusively.  After all, one might think you’re just making things up to advance your own agenda.
Have you seen news reports corrected or follow-on reporting disclaiming earlier reports?
What about claims of files, dossiers and secret meetings?  Have they eventually been discredited or exposed as false?
Have you detected a new and sudden fervor in aggressive interviewing styles from talking heads who otherwise were cheerfully complacent, or busy acting as stenographers?
Do you see certain words and expressions repeated in reporting?  How many times have you seen the words “chaos” or “chaotic” used by different reporters in any number of news stories.
Assuming use of that particular term is factually correct – and that’s quite an assumption – one would think news editors might use a thesaurus.  That assumes anyone still knows what a thesaurus is, correct?
I teach as an adjunct in the journalism program at George Mason University.  One of the points I stress to my students is that they – as journalists – do NOT want to become THE story.  They are reporting the story.  If the publics’ attention turns to them and their conduct – something is very wrong.  Guess what?  Something is very wrong.
Joe Mathewson is a former Supreme Court reporter for the Wall Street Journal.  He now teaches at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.  I use his textbook, “Law and Ethics for Today’s Journalist” in my classes.  Paperback, it’s only about $30.
The Society of Professional Journalists has a Code of Ethics.  Before our highly-politicized news media slides into complete irrelevancy, I strongly advise reporters and editors to pause; evaluate their reporting; understand what’s going on in their news room; set aside their personal biases; reinvigorate their journalistic standards; and, then get back to reporting facts.
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