Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Police State of Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch - Remove Any Tyrant - Your Constitutional Rights to Free Speech and Your Right to keep and bear arms - Regardless of what Loretta Lynch Barack Obama Hillary Clinton may say

The Police State of Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch - The Barack Obama Nation - ObamaCare - Radical Islam - Bible Burning - Mass Murder - Constitutional Rights - Jesus Christ - Allah - Muhammad - Iran, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Russia - GITMO - Syed Farook - Tashfeen Malik - Saudi Arabia - Jihadist - Hillary Clinton - Jeb Bush - Marco Rubio - Radicalized - Armed Citizen - Loretta Lynch - Congress - Black Negro Radicals - Chicago - Baltimore - Detroit - Philadelphia - Black Panthers - Benghazi Libya - Yemen - Integration - Eric Holder - Impeachment

The Obama Years in Pictures - It's time to remember the Barack Obama years and to never forget the total collapse of the traditional America and the destruction of the American Dream.  As you have suffered to will your children unless we stop the Tyrant and his Czars.  You have a Constitutional Right to say what you think so stand up and voice your concerns about the corruption of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  The U.S. has been invaded by allowing open borders, millions of illegal aliens to roam our streets with whores, guns and drugs.  Stop the madness, exercise your rights.

The disgusting truth about the first Negro President of the United States and his corrupt administrative state - Remembering the Dark Years of Barack Obama Hillary Rodham Clinton George Soros Joe Biden Benghazi Fast & Furious IRS DOJ Eric Holder Loretta Lynch Black Panthers ObamaCare Solyndra NSA Spying Radical Islam Syria Red Line Cash for Clunkers Czars John Kerry, Uranium, Snowden GITMO Iran Israel Russia Putin The Disaster Called the Obama Years

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