Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Monday, November 30, 2015

The the end of civilization is near - Paris France COP21 Practical men and women understand that the planet cools and warms in cycles

Coal is the truest form of solar energy in storage.  The radical politicians attending the COP21 Climate Change party in Paris France should worry about Islamic Killers hiding in basements around town.  It looks like the black nationalist radical Barack Obama was right, the end of civilization is near and all humans will perish due to that secret process which plants harness the enormous energy of the sun. 
As the planet heats up a bit a lot of plants will grow and in years to come the earth will have way too much coal and oil and lot's of fresh drinking water for Africa and even the Middle East.
We can all be thankful that the Harvard graduate is an expert on everything, you just thought it was health care and race relations.
Practical men and women understand that the planet cools and warms in cycles but black nationalist radicals like Barack Obama and the Bonnie of the gang Hillary Clinton see it as an opportunity.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton support the closing of thousands of coal mines, you know the plants from millions of years ago that created coal under pressure and contain that enormous energy of the sunlight. 
The south pole has grown by billions of tons of ice this season so you might also die in some kind of miniature ice age coming soon, and you should know that the polar bear populations are growing.
Plants supply all our food and fuel one way or another so pray for sunshine and global warming.  All your food is itself a vegetable or is derived from animals that have fed on the plants.
Barack Obama really doesn't understand but he knows a lot about wealth and property re-distribution.
Maybe Barack and Hillary should have kept some of the Radium they sold off to Communist Soviet Russia and discovered the atom.

Enjoy Paris France and the last days of Barack Obama. 
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