Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Monday, November 23, 2015

The shapeless crowd moved on, never to see her crying again, nobody hearing the bell toll that the Jihadists are coming.

Her despair was palpable as the grieving women's husband lay dead on the streets of Paris France.  Her grief could not be checked as she closed her eyes hoping she was dreaming. 

The French police officer whispered to her kindly and took the grieving woman's arm and lead her away even though she tried to refuse his kindness.   Her husband had been killed by the Islamic Radicals while sitting at the sidewalk cafe with some crashing sound of bullets and bombs she really could not comprehend.  The shooting of the police rifles had stopped and the dark Muslim man lay splattered and dead as the violence had killed many in the name of Allah.

The big man in government, Barack Obama, told people to exercise reason but he was dead, the entire love of her life.

She knew that Barack Obama could not find the right road to battle as he lived behind walls and layers of security.  He would not be concerned about the well-being of this grieving woman as now he talked about green space and climate change as the Islamic Muslim Radical Jihadist were killing thousands around the world.

She had seen the brave American soldiers lower their rifles and leave Iraq giving birth to the radicals ISIS ISIL that were hiding in the crowds of honest people.

She was stunned to hear that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio wanted to allow the fleeing Syrian refugees into America, adding death and destruction to the streets of America.

Her weeping had stopped but her screaming had just started.  She told her story and slowly people started to listen.  Right beside her, she would point at the picture of her dead husband laying on the bloody streets of Paris France with her expression fixed on the few people gathered around her.

She spoke about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporting the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) inside America.  She repeated what she knew about the slaughter in Benghazi Libya and the secret computer email server of Hillary Clinton.  She spoke about Vladimir Putin and his army in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine and now Syria.  Some of the people were indifferent and the young adults would seldom pay attention but the cluster of scandals were all true.

Barack Obama would not fight because in the worst of wars he will remain untouched and radical against America.  

This is not a silent world so shivering she picked up her display items and her hand drawn maps with red circles over the names Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The shapeless crowd moved on, never to see her crying again, nobody hearing the bell toll that the Jihadists are coming. 


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