Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Living Outside The Green Zone - San Bernardino California - The Islamic Radical Jihadist Next Door - Syed Farook - you can expect hundreds of thousands of Islamic Muslim rats to come out of the sewer

Living outside the Green Zone in San Bernardino California proves the point, the Jihadist are killing Christians inside America and it's going to get a lot worse.  More than anything else in the world Barack Hussein Obama wants to keep his faked Islamic Radical Jihadist record of zero security breaches on U.S. Soil alive as he continues to lie to America.  The Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) Syed Farook and his Muslim bitch wife Tashfeen Malik decided a long time ago to kill off a bunch of Christians while Syed Farook grew his long beard in compliance to Sharia law.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton must pull the wool over your eyes again to continue their radical progressive socialist democratic movement inside America. There are tens of thousands of Black Nationalist Radicals, Islamic Jihadist Radicals already inside America and they want to kill you and your family, the borders are wide open tonight, the president wants tens of thousands of Syrian Refugees to live inside your neighborhood so get ready to defend your police department from a frontal assault.  As the media empires of New York City and Washington D.C. try to destroy Donald Trump GOP for President of the United States it has been proven several times over that Islamic Radical Jihadist Muslims celebrated the destruction of the World Trade Center, CBS ReportingJust a couple of blocks away from that Jersey City apartment the F.B.I. raided yesterday and had evidence removed, there is another apartment building, one that investigators told me, quote, was swarming with suspects — suspects who I’m told were cheering on the roof when they saw the planes slam into the Trade Center. Police were called to the building by neighbors and found eight men celebrating, six of them tenants in the building.  You can be sure that Islamic Jihadist inside America this very day are tossing first class parties.  They are killing Christians.  They are making bombs.

Syed Farook, The Islamic Radical Jihadist Next Door.  It's clear that the Islamic Radical Jihadist are living inside every city, town and village, just like San Bernardino California and you know their names.  

Honest neighbors worried about calling the police about the unusual activities around the Muslim (Redlands California) home of Syed Farook (U.S. Born) and his wife Tashfeen Malik (Saudi Arabia Born) because they didn't want to be known as Islamic haters or Muslim haters.  Obama is bringing thousands of Muslim Syrian Refugees to America.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have split the nation making the average U.S. legal citizen afraid of doing the right thing at the right time because Obama and Clinton support the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) so it's just politically incorrect to report on Muslim activities that look strange. You have Muslim's living next door.  Should you be picking up your phone right now and calling 911?  

Look around your neighborhood and think of targets and see who monitors the area?  

Is there a Mosque in your town?  

Is your police department ready?  

Are you ready?  Do you have food, water, communications, medical supplies, quality weapons and ammunition to defend your family and neighbors from the onslaught of Islamic Radicals?

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were having that great Muslim sex and had a baby ( Six Months Old Now) so sex outside of a Islamic marriage makes her a Muslim whore in accordance with the Koran.  If she was still in Saudi Arabia should could be stoned to death but instead the Barack Obama White House gives her a VISA to come to America and set up her own I.E.D. BOMB factory in Redlands California.  

Remember that Obama and Clinton want to close GITMO Cuba and release more Islamic Jihadist warriors.  The very few killers leftover, Obama wants held inside America which makes whatever town in America a giant target of ISIS ISIL Al-Qaeda Taliban. 

Syed Farook spent most of this time working on Jihad, the great pastime of Muslims around the world.  You can bet that Syed Farook didn't kill all those people because of a overtime dispute, he did it because the Quaran Koran told him to do it.  He and his wife of just a few months, recently imported from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, wanted to murder Christians and that's what they did under the not so watchful eye of the FBI stretched to the limits.  

San Bernardino California is outside of the safe Green Zone in Iraq, the Green Zone of the White House and the Green Zones that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton live inside with their armed guards by the thousands.  They live behind walls and make you live outside the Green Zones of security.

Why was the Muslim nut job Syed Farook attend a party to celebrate Christ?  They wanted to kill all the Christians, you don't have to be an FBI agent to figure this out.  It was the murder of Christians that drove Syed Farook and his Saudi princess wife. 

We don't need more gun controls that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want, we need less Muslims roaming the streets with Jihadist intentions.  We don't need government control we demand freedom to defend our families.  The U.S. Constitution is clear, you have the right to keep and bear arms.  If the Tyrants Obama and Clinton continue their own Jihadist movement against your constitutional rights you have the absolute right to remove and replace them.  

Remember, the idiot president Barack Obama thinks that Climate Change is much more important than the Islamic Radical Muslim Caliphate that is killing thousands of people every day.  

He now pretends to fight in Syria because Vladimir Putin of Communist Russia made him look like a member of the band pussy riot.  After the mass Islamic Jihadist killings in Paris France Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been forced to play like they care.  

They don't care.  You're on your own.  You have allowed the progressive, socialist, communist cancer of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to grow inside America.  As hundreds are killed in Chicago their radical Obama supporter mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to take his entire family to Communist Cuba on vacation. 

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, says the Obama administration dismissed initial warnings about the Islamic State because it did not meet a “particular narrative” the White House needed to win an election.  

Now we know that the FBI is investigating about 1,000 people who are most likely radicalized.  This Allah looser Syed Farook killing 15, 17 more in the hospital just got back from a nice trip to and from Saudi Arabia, the home of the 9-11-2001 killers.

Was the FBI doing it's job and were they following and investigating Syed Farook because of his recent journey to Saudi Arabi where he picked up his wife?  

Or is the FBI under the control of DOJ Lynch, who replaced Eric Holder Black National, which is just another radical of Barack Obama blowing smoke to keep Americans calm?  

Muslims are killing Christians around the world, including your city, town or village.  A distrust of the U.S. among Iraqis is also growing stronger — and it stems from a deep-seated suspicion that America is helping the Islamic State per many people on the ground. 

According to the Washington Post, several Iraqis have reported seeing videos of U.S. helicopters airdropping weapons to the Islamic State militants, and others have reported seeing it in person.  Yes, we have a major problem and a lot of it goes back to Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.  It has been proven the U.S. was running guns, ammunition and money to radicals by the direction of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama including Surface to Air missiles - which shot down the Russian jet.  

Why do you think Hillary Clinton destroyed her email history on her private underground computer server?  

Why do you think the State Department and Obama's White House doesn't help investigate Benghazi?  

Barack Obama told you that ISIS ISIL is contained and then Paris France and now San Bernardino California.  Don't expect CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times to tell you all the facts.  

Our own radicals, Obama and Clinton, want you to give up all your rights, turn in your guns and shut your mouth, unless your a black nationalist that's shooting up Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago.  

Chicago had 82 shootings last weekend and 15 killed on the streets by Negro Black National drug dealers and gun dealers so don't be fooled by the progressive socialist democratic leadership.  This is a fight and you must prepare your family, friends, neighbors and do everything to help your local police departments. 

The couple, Syed Farook and his wife spent their nights at home making bombs and plans, most likely praying to Muhammad or Allah and hating America.   The Caliphate is not limited to Syria, Iran, Iraq and other desert lands.  We're sending hundreds of special forces troops to Iraq and Syria right now.  There is a war.  Obama is trying to escape blame and leave it to the next president. 

The Caliphate is all across the world, one block at a time like drug dealers taking over Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, , one house at a time, one child at a time and don't let Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fool you, they want you dead. 

During the day Syed Farook - the Jihadist Murderer was a restaurant inspector, most likely not very good at it.   He would wander around and look for roaches at local restaurants even though he was an Islamic Rat looking for victims.  Imagine his thoughts walking around America in San Bernardino California thinking and planning his killings all in the name of something they call Allah.  

Yes, Syed Farook worked for local government, taking his money and buying guns, ammunition and bomb components.  His wife was a pill pusher working at some pharmacy living the American dream while they planned to kill their friends, the infidels. 

Hillary Clinton has always supported the Muslim Brotherhood like her criminal friend

The Idiot President Barack Obama refuses to believe in America

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and many others have ripped the very fabric of America during their great transformation so you can expect hundreds of thousands of Islamic Muslim rats to come out of the sewer.  Maybe you should learn about the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) inside America because they've learned about you.  The FBI knows it's terrorism but will Obama and the DOJ let them say the words.

Wearing his gopro camera Syed Farook decided to carry out his own personal Jihad against his Infidel friends and co-workers.  He used the famous AR-15 rifle, it was a weapon invented to help stop crime but you can be sure that Barack Obama will want you to turn in your weapons and pipe bombs if you have any. 

You can be sure that the progressive socialist democrats will claim this is work place violence, not terrorism living and thriving inside America.  Syed Farook could have killed hundreds with his bombs and weapons, the Jihadist next door. 

At this very moment, Barack Obama is importing thousands of Islamic Radicals from Syria and their being distributed across America.  Recently, FedEx Cargo Transport jets have been seen landing during the night at smaller airports, unloading their human cargo into government buses for transportation, the governors don't even know.

There is something very wrong in America, and it's core is in Washington D.C. so stop being afraid, prepare your family.

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