Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Fuxk Off Hillary Clinton -Where's the miserable cuxt at - Stay the fuxk back - You mother fuxker - DNC Warlord Hillary Clinton Everybody Got A Ass Chew - Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Break Up Again - Will not campaign together - Bernie Sanders Supporters HATE HILLARY CLINTON - Bernie Walks Away

One Crazy Bitch - DNC Warlord Hillary Clinton - A Drunk Ass Bitch For as long as her friends have known her—going back to her days at Wellesley College in the 1960s— Hillary has sworn like a drunken sailor. Here are some choice examples from well-researched books on Hillary’s vulgar mouth:

  • From Inside, by former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Joseph Califano: “You sold out, you motherf—-r!”

  • From Unlimited Access, by FBI Agent in Charge Gary Aldrich: “Stay the f—k back, stay the f—k away from me!”

  • From First Family Detail, by Ronald Kessler: “Good morning, ma’am,” a uninformed Secret Service officer once greeted Hillary. “F—k off!” she replied.

  • From The Truth About Hillary, by Edward Klein: “Where’s the miserable c—-r [referring to her husband]?”

According to an oral history of the Clinton presidency conducted by the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, Hillary was impossible to work for when she was first lady.
“She just let everybody have it,” said Leon Panetta, who served as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. Panetta recalled an aide telling him, “The first lady just tore everybody a new ass—e.”
Joan Baggett, who served as assistant to President Clinton for political affairs, said aides were afraid to take on Hillary even when she was wrong.
“She would blow up over something that she misinterpreted,” Baggett said. “I remember one time in one of these meetings where she was blowing up about [Bill Clinton’s] staff and how we were all incompetent and he was having to be the mechanic and drive the car and do everything that we weren’t capable of.”
Fast forward to the 2016 presidential campaign, and Hillary is still at it—still blowing up at the least provocation.

“She has had screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work,” one of her campaign workers told me. “People have walked out from her Brooklyn campaign office and while they were on the campaign trail with her. At one point recently, she was berating a low-level campaign worker for making a scheduling mistake. The girl had the nerve to walk away from her, so Hillary grabbed her arm and twisted it.”
Sometimes, when she gets worked up, Hillary grabs a handful of her hair and in an odd mannerism that her friends describe, she yanks at the hair so hard that it looks as though she is trying to pull it out.

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