Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Friday, September 23, 2016

Climate Change Climate Weather Wars America Russian Chinese - A Secret Government Report - Climate Change - Strategists for the U.S. Army Pentagon issued a secret government report entitled Mercy of Nature GS1944 Climate Change Weather Control Landscaping A New Planet

A Secret Government Report - Climate Change - Strategists for the U.S. Army  Pentagon  issued a secret government report entitled Mercy of Nature GS1944 and has remained a top secret government document since 1944 but has been discovered.

The United States Army and the Russian Military gathered their top meteorologists to issue this secret report GS1944.

The two military groups formed an Advisory Committee on Weather Control - Mercy of Nature and published the secret report which has remained inside a Soviet Union - Russian Vault and we must assume that the U.S. Government also has records of the report.

The two nations started working together on climate control even to the point that it may be possible to create weather which would really mean controlling the entire planet.  The combined Strategists and Meteorologists produced the secret findings but then the joint government program was cancelled and the two nations engaged in a critical race that continues today.

Imagine being able to create a hurricane or harness a storm or maybe even causing a drought.  The enormous power of weather is a force and if any country could control the climate and tame the natural elements they would in effect control the entire world.

It was determined that controlling large scale weather patterns would be more disastrous than nuclear weapons in another U.S. Army Secret Report GS1951 that was not shared with the Russians.

Blotting out all the sunlight could be a powerful weapon during war or eventually control the globe and also every population.

The weather bomb was called;

The Fair Weather Monopoly.

U.S. Scientists agree that if we can change the rainfall over any country we would control that country in a matter of weeks or months.

M.I.T. Massachusetts Institute of Technology meteorologists warned the world in secret report GS1952 that it was very feasible to control the weather but the consequences of the Russians making the final discovery could easily collapse the United States.

Even in a peaceful way M.I.T. warned that the Russians could increase their food output times ten making them well fed and could export cash crops around the world making it unfavorable for the United States.
As it stands today, M.I.T. continued, if the Russians become stronger we  must become weaker and maybe the weakest over time.

The combined efforts of U.S. military and economic strategists, meteorologists and scientists gave far reaching ideas, plans and actions concerning what we call solar power as they refer as solar radiation power.

We know today that sun solar radiation pours down and hits the earth's surface, some of this radiation produces heat, some is reflected back into space that heats the air and some even evaporates water in the oceans, lakes and rivers.

We also know, just like living in a glass bubble we have a roof over us and this atmosphere bubble traps and imprisons the heat of day preventing it from leaving or radiating up and away into the night of space.

This heat moving down and up creates what they termed as the heat balance.  When you combine heat balance with the rotation of the earth, this same earthly  rotation causes the oceans to move and creates ocean currents and that great river of air moving down and up combined with other earthly elements is the basic knowledge that could control the climate.

You might be wondering why this was a secret after World War II and why the reports were kept as state secrets. 

Because since 1958 the United States has been experimenting with Climate Change.

We know about solar power but you know little about directed solar power.  The free energy from the Sun has been redirected by the United States and this is the reason for the state secret that Russian Hackers, it is thought, has leaked the information and the reports because the United States George Bush, Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton are involved and it is thought that even Al Gore will become a Billionaire.

The United States is using free solar power, or free energy direct from the sun to reclaim frozen areas that will become fertile and food productive in a matter of years regardless of what you read in the news today.

Part of the plan is to make the world worry about the ice melt and create Carbon Credits to gather funds to help affected nations and people while at the same time secretly creating the ice melting.

The sunlight absorbing sands of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Regions can hold heat energy up to 1,000 degrees, loaded on cargo jets to be transported by Air and then dropped on the snow covered lands anywhere forcing the ice to melt at advanced rates.

It is thought now that the U.N. and the United States conspired to sprinkle sun hot sands over snow and ice covered lands to eventually permit food production and also oil drilling and coal mining in the most hostile parts of the globe.

Russia has realized that they have lost the race as the newly created productive land becomes the property of the United States and they have reacted by taking other parts of the globe by force in Crimea, Ukraine and now Syria which has forced China to concentrate on a larger Naval force which would allow them to challenge the Russians and the United States.

The greatest of world powers; United States, Russia and China also understand this recovered land mass could hold trillions of dollars in precious minerals like Gold, Silver and even Diamonds beyond food, oil and coal.

This large scale land mass grab first started within the sciences but is now moving into the arena of Military might as the land, air and sea components are changing very quickly. 

We understand to reclaim frozen land the ice becomes water and will increase the oceans level.  This same water rise will cripple almost a billion people as most richer or productive people live close to the oceans shore so the Carbon Credit Scheme and the Climate Change movement is growing around the world as the ice is melting and the water is rising.

In a world controlled by information you can see now why the United States wants total control over the internet to control knowledge.

This lack of control gives the Russians an advantage and also the Chinese as they have hacked into secrets of the United States for at least 10 years and now these secrets are being leaked to the world.

If you consider Trillions of dollars in free wealth in Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Oil, Coal, Food and new land masses for civilization and new cities on higher ground you can see World War III in the future.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been selling desert sands for over 50 years so in time they wondered how much sand the West per say was using and how much was sand really worth. 

The Kingdom discovered that all the bulk cargo ships and air transport planes were predestined to Greenland for solar heating. 

The U.S. Geological Survey experimental lab gave the proof that sand could be heated, transported and in time slowly melt ice and could be done in a harmless way on a large scale.

The U.S. Weather Bureau and the U.S. Geological Survey with the U.S. Military has been dropping hot desert sands on Ice for years now and also burning fuel oil to create more heat at crucial points.

Officials at the Pentagon and the White House have denied any such actions but other government groups are now hinting at this mammoth landscaping task has been going on for years. 

The truth must come out as the landscape has changed forcing massive wind direction changes, higher water levels, lower ocean temperatures, as the polar icecaps become smaller and thinner new mountain ranges are exposed which again changes the weather, the ultimate remodeling job done in secret.

The rest of the world will experience profound changes as the Arctic and Antarctic iceboxes are removed, remember the arctic areas are the breeding grounds for the worlds cold-fronts.

The United States, Russia and China fully realize now that this ultimate land remodeling job and the thawing ice will rise the ocean, some say 40 feet and others expect at least 100 feet.

The grand cities of London and New York are near sea level now and will be removed from the earth.

The deep ice areas are being reduced as more and more solar heated sand is being dropped and now the ocean currents must be redirected by water dams, channels or jetties to reduce the damage.

The Russians have moved military forces around the world and so has China.  The Russians have long been interested in the territory as much of their own borders is the arctic circle.

Since 1937 the Russians have been moving and conducting large scale polar visits setting up camps.  In this modern day they have also created Russian military villages and conducting expeditions and claiming the free land that is still covered in ice.

We also see the Chinese claiming tiny island land masses all over the world and building them up to become strategic Chinese military bases on a global scale to threaten American and Russian dominance.

Aware of the challenge, it is also reported that the DOD, CIA, NSA and a presidential committee vigorously is trying to get the world signed up for Climate Change and you may notice that China and Russia has refused.

Experts interviewed said yes,  these actions have caused meteorological warnings around the world specifically the solar effects of the melting ice, weather has changed, global air circulation has shifted, the dynamics of cloud movements and large-scale storms are harder if not impossible to predict.

Modern experts also agree that within 20 years or less the actual land mass of the planet will change.

The White House is in damage control mode and there is a crash effort to create doubt over this leaked report and discredit this new knowledge.

Russian experts, military and meteorologists, have offered up their own modern opinion without telling the entire story and promised to intervene with the American Global Climate Change mission with military action.

The Russian and Chinese have made it clear that the American Plan to increase solar radiation, hot sands for ice melting and speeding up water evaporation and raising sea levels is a direct threat against their nations and the over-all effects will be negative to the world.

The U.S. plan seems to be boomeranging back to the White House and their massive effort being done in secrets, some experts say, that melting glaciers too fast might even create a new ice age as the planet reacts.

Yes, weather and climate is being used as a weapon.


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