Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Monday, September 19, 2016

WikiLeaks is Leaking - Terrorist Bomb Attack - New York City - FBI - Clinton Pollsters - Secret Meeting - Main Stream Media -

It was a private drive lined with old trees and the pollsters were to meet there to make the numbers work and the Washington D.C. FBI Bureau Office had the entire mansion grounds under surveillance. 

Pollsters determine how popular Hillary Clinton may be during a specific period of time concerning a particular current event or topic.  The pollsters called an emergency meeting because New York City had just been bombed by some Islamic Radical and Hillary Clinton wanted to put her best foot forward, and not in her mouth.

Hillary Clinton has always been considered cold, aloof and always backward-looking wanting to tell stories but nothing for America's future safety or prosperity.  The press had questions for Hillary Clinton at 11:00 o'clock the same night the bomb exploded and as they say they generally fucx it up.  She was clumsy and sleepy with little energy so the DNC had called up their pollsters and called this emergency meeting.

Hillary Clinton is in real danger of losing the presidential election and the terrorist bomb and her known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood could be painful. Hillary's kindred spirit Huma Abedin hasn't been seen with Hillary and it's not because Anthony Weiner is playing with his dick.  It's because she's a well known Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) supporter and has deep ties with 9-11 planners and supporters in Saudi Arabia so Hillary Clinton has her buried until after the elections.

The Clinton pollsters gathered right on time, her chief strategists were arriving and speechwriters and confidant's of the Clinton's were all rushing to be on-time.  Most times they would meet in the middle of the night in a Manhattan apartment building owned by richer donors but this meeting was top secret.

The presidential contender Hillary Clinton just turned onto the paved private drive with Secret Service Agents in lead SUV's and trailing SUV's guarding her every move.

The cops had already caught the bombing suspect and he was alive.

Hillary had more problems.

WikiLeaks was leaking...

Her entire political history in writing...

It would be another long night...

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