Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton - Where's the Fucxing Money Hillary? -The Clinton Foundation Spends $0.06 cents of every dollar donated on charity - Where's the money Hillary

Where's the Fucxing Money Hillary? The Clinton Foundation - Hillary Clinton - Bill Clinton - If you gave Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation $1 they only spent about $0.06 cents on any type of charity, which is really faked also.  If you donated to the Clinton Foundation you're either a total fraud and corrupt or you're a dumb ass fool?  They fake everything.  The few pennies they use for charity goes to other charities and then they use those other charities numbers to make the Clinton Foundation look big and better.  

Just like Bill's penis, it's short. Where is the money Bill and Hillary Clinton?  Is Chelsea hiding gold and silver?  Does Chelsea Clinton plan to keep the same dishonest criminal charity going for pay and play with government. The dishonest DOJ Loretta Lynch doesn't believe in law and order unless you're a negro.  FBI James Comey Director fell flat on his face and he would prosecute you and me under the prison for 20 years but the Clinton's got off free.. for a while.  President Trump will fully investigate and maybe we can elect members of Congress that can help convict the crooks, foreign and domestic. 

So Hillary Clinton - Where is the money Crooked Hillary?

What did you and Bill do with $0.94 cents out of every dollar donated to your scam charity?

The crooked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would give you a nice U.S. government posting with big money and lots of free taxpayer travel and entertainment if you gave money to the Clinton Foundation. 

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