Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

You can Stop Your Own Murder - When the DOJ and the FBI is now thought to be corrupt we now know that corruption as hit the very highest point of our government. Obama and Hillary Clinton have destroyed their own legacy, millennials, don't let them destroy your future. Everything they say is a lie, you have been warned by Bernie Sanders and they killed him off.

You can Stop Your Own Murder; You have a deadline, you have until November 8th 2016 to decide the murderer of America.  Was it Barack Obama the two term radical President of the United States?

Was it Donald Trump who stands outside of the government or was it Hillary Clinton the fundamental insider that's been at the crest of national politics for three decades or more?  We know now to follow the money trail but now we know we must also follow the blood trail.  Everybody smells the pony but the real pony must be found.


Obama and Hillary Clinton have destroyed their own legacy, millennials, don't let them destroy your future.  Everything they say is a lie, you have been warned by Bernie Sanders and they killed him off.

Men, Materials and Machines can rebuild American Prosperity but we first must investigate the people responsible for the downfall of America. We can find evidence against Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama but we must do something about what we find. 

I'm convinced like millions of others if we make one false move in November the entire nation can collapse and never recover, you truly have a deadline, it's your last chance to save America, yourself and your family.  

The progressive radical socialist or communist will tell you anything to get everything.  

They know you will believe the big lie and most likely sleep through the little lies.  Hillary is close to death and Barack Obama could still be impeached.  Like any Miss Universe, it ain't over until the fat lady sings. 

It's going to be a big expensive rough and dangerous job as the unqualified Barack Obama and amateur Hillary Clinton have injured the U.S. manufacturing base, left the U.S. borders open and millions of impoverished uneducated desperate illegal criminal aliens are hiding in your city, town or village.

Islamic Radicals are murdering inside America every day.  Somewhere there is a Muslim Jihadist in your neighborhood, most likely on welfare, seems friendly enough but they are planning on murder, yours and mine. 

Black National Radicals are burning cities, towns and villages. When a cop shoots a black man with a gun the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama corruption explodes onto the main stream media to push the progressive narrative. 

Obama and Clinton have implemented a Socialist Collective agenda on the American people without the voice or authorization of Congress, the peoples voice left silent.

We now have gay marriage and another radical LGBT community that wants to fight and Hillary and Barack lied to every American when they said that marriage is between a man and a woman.

If you make one false move like voting for Hillary Clinton the Democratic Socialist Progressives will kill again, and this time it might be your job, your home, your neighborhood, your savings, but be sure, they will take all your guaranteed U.S. Constitutional rights, they will remove you or your guns, they want total control.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has led the deadliest plot against the United States since World War II.  We can clearly see the trail of corruption left by Hillary's now notorious Clinton Foundation. Hillary accepted millions of dollars from Islamic Muslim countries and their leaders. 

They have broken every last law.  They have picked every locked door and surely they are dead men laying in the ground, this is where the revolution begins.

We are in treacherous times as we know four men have been murdered right after the WIKILEAKS DNC documents were made public which proved the DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders to push Hillary Clinton forward regardless of voter support.

We know that good men died in Benghazi Libya and Hillary Clinton got that famous fictional call at 3:00 a.m. but it was very real, she did nothing.

You recognize that Barack Obama drew a red line in the sands of Syria but the Syrian government military crossed and now 500,000 people are dead while millions of innocent Syrian citizens are lost to a unknown world.

We understand that Lois Lerner I.R.S. worked against honest Tea Party Patriots while in a leadership position at the I.R.S. and nothing was done.

Investigative reporters discovered that Planned Parenthood butchered up aborted babies and then sold the body parts to the highest bidder.

We now know the name Snowden who proved to the world that the N.S.A. was spying on American Citizens.

We watched as Barack Obama bragged about pulling out the last U.S. soldier out of Iraq creating ISIS ISIL, but now he's placed over 5,000 men and women in uniform back inside Iraq, fighting again, outnumbered, under gunned and lost inside the world of a lost soul Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama is a total fraud as we now have armed conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and many other places and no end in sight.

The U.S. implemented the so-called Hillary Clinton's Smart Power across the globe that proved to be wrong in every measurement.  Libya will be a full grown war.
The Benghazi hearings discovered that Hillary Clinton was using an illegal computer email server holding top secret information that has been hacked by China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and others.

Investigators that the FBI has been corrupted, the FBI Director James Comey has direct ties to the criminal enterprise known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation or simply "The Clinton Foundation".

The radical Attorney General Eric Holder is today in contempt of Congress over the hiding of facts concerning the Fast and Furious U.S. gun running operation to Mexican drug cartels.

The allegations of Bill Clinton's sexual assaults and rapes never end and dozens of women's lives have been destroyed by Hillary Clinton trying to force the sexually abused women into the shadows.

Hillary and Bill Clinton arranged the sale of 25% of Americans Uranium mining output to be owned by the Communist Russian bastard Vladimir Putin.

Barack Obama allowed the Communist Russians to invade by arms the Ukraine region of Crimea without lifting one finger to stop the violence and takeover.

The Islamic Radicals and Jihadist have spread all over the world thanks to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their appreciation for the Muslim Brotherhood has caused hundreds of people to die inside America.

We discovered the FBI had 7,700 encounters with Islamic Radical Jihadist Killers in 2015 and nobody was told.

95 million men and women are staying at home today because there unemployed.

50 million men and women are on unemployment.

45 million men and women will provide food for their family tonight bought by the taxpayer by funding SNAP food stamps.

China is pushing out into the world with a massive Navy while Obama and Hillary Clinton forces our own Navy to the bottom of the ocean fleets.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has spawned a race war inside America and cities burn and people die.

World Class Cities are now Sanctuary Cities for illegal aliens and criminals against federal laws.

Jeh Johnson DHS has no clue how to guard and safe keep the American lands or citizens.
There are so many illegal deals we all have to calculate the motives of all these suspicious government characters.

But you can solve every case and more by voting for the right man in November.  Hillary Clinton has left a trail of failure, broken promises, foreign cash bribes and fees funneled into the Clinton Foundation.

Your individual investigation starts here so you must look at every scrap of evidence, follow every lead, turn over every rock and meet your deadline.

Any intelligent person notices that all the store shelves across American are full of valuable and beneficial products and not one of them made in America.

The DNC Democratic Party has been eliminated and replaced by the Democratic Socialist Progressive Party that is very close to Communism.

Hillary Clinton plans on the continued destruction of the greatest nation on earth being replaced by a Socialist or Collective government.

This means that the man standing on the corner that never seems to do anything productive will live in the same neighborhood that you do, his children will sit next to your child in school, and they will also enjoy free internet, free good, free medical care, free communications, free college, free transportation as your labor dollar earnings will now be forced to pay for people just standing around, it's called re-distribution of wealth.
It means that you go to work but you are truly never paid for your hard labor as you paycheck will be re-distributed to help others that have drug problems, alcohol trouble, have criminal convictions and a host of immoral activities.

Hillary Clinton is prepared for the national reaction when you find out that Hillary Clinton is planning on taking everything.  Like a bank robber they don't advertise the bank job in fact they hide everything from everybody to avoid conviction.

With the NAFTA trade agreement they plan on another disaster called TPP Trans Pacific Trade Agreement that does away with millions of American jobs and removes the sovereign border of the United States allowing lower cost foreign labor to replace more Americans.

Anybody over the age of 50 knows all about our modern nation born with the smell of machine oil building automobiles, refrigerators, airplanes, and even tanks and battleships.

A lot of our pretty automobiles, trucks and S.U.V's are made in China and Mexico now leaving tens of thousands of auto workers at home jobless.

The foxy Clinton and Obama understand that a regiment of mad men can march on Washington D.C. and retake the government, that's why Hillary wants your guns.

The U.S. Constitution cannot be changed outside of the amendments of the Constitution.  So if a sweating Barack Obama or a choking low life like Hillary Clinton tries to take away your wealth, prosperity or any of your constitutional rights you have the legal right to per say revolt or rise up against the criminal activity of your own government.

You can carry a rusty musket on your shoulder and walk to Washington D.C. with another million good men and put up any fight you want. 

The United States was born of rebellion against England so a revolution gave our nation the start and the U.S. Constitution and other founding documents remain the absolute law of the land.

Now that we see the DOJ Department of Justice and the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigations solemnly stop any prosecution of renowned - famous and notorious government workers and criminals like Hillary Rodham Clinton, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Barack Obama, John Kerry and thousands of others you might want to buy a bow and arrows, a hoard of food, a broadcasting and receiving radio and hunker down.

When the DOJ and the FBI is now thought to be corrupt we now know that corruption as hit the very highest point of our government.

From the hills of Pennsylvania the backwoods survivalist has been getting ready for some kind of government actions.  The green mountains from the Lancaster County hills of Pennsylvania the people with any horse sense at all can almost smell another civil war.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been accused of many Nasty things.  

The bad-acting White House has forgotten that the nation belongs to the people and the vote in November can correct our problems by electing Donald Trump or change the peace of our entire nation practically overnight if Hillary Clinton can lie her way into the Oval office.

The American nation has not always been a nation of easygoing neighbors and the loss of 600,000 men in the American Civil War is a reminder to us all.

Grim faced political hacks are worried about a pitchfork revolt where a million good men do march on Washington D.C. and present their owner version of national defense.

Don't be unprepared, go out and vote for Donald Trump.

It's a long march to Washington D.C. in the winter.

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