Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Flopping in Pennsylvania Hillary Clinton - Hillary Clinton's Temple University campaign stop brought out a tiny number of sleepy and college loan broke students looking for handouts. http://www.ClintonTarium.Com

Hillary Clinton's Temple University campaign stop brought out a tiny number of sleepy and college loan broke students looking for handouts. Nobody showed up for Hillary Clinton's stump reading and only about 200 walked around to hear and see Hillary.  Hillary Clinton has a major problem with college students, black youth and now Temple University is a glimpse into the entire state of Pennsylvania.  As governor Wolf marches to Obama the citizens of Pennsylvania move to Donald Trump.. "Hillary Clinton is boring as Hell" and we don't trust her but it was good seeing her alive.. no pun intended.  Hillary has too many old age health problems and too many cheating and lying charges pending.. we wanted Bernie Sanders but the Clinton controlled DNC cheated us out of that.. we love Bernie.. we tolerate Hillary Clinton but we vote for Donald Trump. 

The stained legacy of Barack Obama has created the grimy and dirty Hillary Clinton crusade for President a total lost cause.  As you canvass and poll Pennsylvania neighborhoods outside of the Philadelphia urban welfare zones the Hillary Clinton operation is a total failure as we all observed at the Temple University campaign production.

American's have now fully realized that Hillary Clinton is truly crooked and it's not just old fashioned political dishonesty or political promises.

Hillary Clinton plans on putting about 400,000 Pennsylvania workers in the unemployment line while allowing tens of thousands of war refugee's to squat across America with full welfare benefits.

Pennsylvania residents are already surrounded by 500,000 illegal aliens that suck up state and federal funds and crowd out middle class schools, local hospitals and strain law enforcement everywhere.

The Pennsylvania commonwealth can no longer support the Democratic Party as it has been overcome by radical socialist progressives that have destroyed the once powerful political party and the country.

Hillary Clinton is not welcome inside Pennsylvania as demonstrated by the weak Temple University dog and pony show, moving people around and placing people in certain positions for a photo opportunity.

Hillary Clinton should be told that Pennsylvania cares about the death of Americans in Benghazi Libya and her private email server with top secret documents exposed and her corrupt Clinton Foundation.

No, we've had enough of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton so Pennsylvania will be very pleased when both radicals are fenced out of Washington D.C. and off the peoples payroll.

And in time, most agree, that Hillary Clinton could easily die in Federal Prison once a new DOJ and FBI probe is launched by President Trump.

God Bless America
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